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Bee Venom[edit]

Price per dose: 50gp
Type: Ingestion, Injection

Bee venom is harvested from a hive of bees, using a specialized collection tool that costs 400gp. It takes 2 minutes to collect 1 lethal dose of venom and only 6d4 lethal doses can be collected per 1d4+5 days. It is used as a beauty product as a cream by applying it to ones face. The cream version tends to be of little concentration and is considered non-lethal. In it's pure liquid form, it is dangerous and only licensed bee keepers are allowed to sell it. They will generally only sell it to beauty companies though and going around asking to purchase some is suspicious behavior. Any type of poison immunity or resistance makes you completely immune to the effects of the toxin.

If it is ingested, you must make a DC 5 Constitution saving throw. On a success, you take 1 damage. On a fail, you must make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw every hour. If you fail 5 saves consecutively, your hit points drop in 3d10.

The effects of the toxin can be counteracted by any 3rd level healing magic, stopping all effects.

The toxin stays in your blood permanently and the only way to remove it is the purify food and drink spell or the wish spell, this can be identified with a DC 15 Medicine or Nature roll. If this has not happened when you're injected/ingest the second time with bee venom then your hit points immediately drop to 0 and death saving throws start. The third time this happens after not being treated, your hit points drop to 0 and there is already 1 failed saving throw. The fourth time, 2 failed saving throws. The fifth time, your character immediately fails all death saving throws and dies.

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