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battle hardened[edit]


Born in the heavens the battle-hardened are the god's secret weapon for when they are displeased with the mortals. They were raised and trained in the depth of hell to Carrie out any wish the gods had in mind. In the end, the battle-hardened were found to be obsolete and brutal and we're discontinued and the remaining were left to live life with the mortals but their blessing we're not taken away


Tough, skilled, and relentless are just a few of the words the describe the battle-hardened they travel from place to place creating death and carnage. They tend to be very disrespectful due to the fact that they see all others as lesser until proven wrong. Only rarely do you see one that is nice but then it's just a snake in the grass.

Physical Description[edit]

Tall and always built the battle-hardened are identical to humans except that they have 6 arms and red eyes and can have sharp teeth.


"Everyone I see is weak I am the ultimate being and I will think this till I am proven wrong"- battle-hardened. They have everything and everyone they see but every once in a while they gaze upon something that they like and then they protect it with their lives


They tend to choose alignments that can justify pointlessly killing. Chaotic evil


Born In the heavens and raised in the depth of hell they find comfort nowhere and it shows with their constant rage and hostility.


Since they were born in the heavens they can worship all gods and also raised in the depths of hell they can worship any God of hell




Originally the battle-hardened were not gifted names but after they were abandoned they chose to give themselves names that represent strength and battle

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +10 to all
  • land speed 250ft
  • dark vision:
  • d20 hit dice
  • untouchable: +10 to Ac
  • immortal body: they don't need to eat sleep drink or breath the be alive.
  • Haunting memories: if they so choose to sleep they are plagued by the memories of all those they killed
  • godly servant: since they were once servants they are looking for a new master to serve and can form a godly bond giving then the ability to command the battle-hardened giving then advantage on any task issued by their master.
  • elemental control: trained to fight in all-terrain they can manipulate elements to a certain extent
  • gravity field: to give them the edge in battle they can manipulate gravity within a 50ft radius
  • sturdy ground: they cannot fly and while in the air they become extremely motion sick and all rolls are at disadvantages
  • 6 arms: built to be the ultimate killing machines they were given 6 arms that they can control as if they only had 2.
  • divine might: they gain advantage on all things str and dex
  • godly regeneration: the regain 10+ cons mod health every round.
  • one-handed: they can wild 2 greatswords in hand as if they were daggers
  • wrath mode: once per day after falling unconscious they instead come back at half Hp and for the next hour and gain +5 to all actions

racial skills[edit]

  • wraths skill: if below half health the battle-hardened gain an extra attack on their turn.
  • envies want: the battle-hardened have the ability to get into the minds of their opponents and can turn into their loved ones to get an edge in battle
  • gluttonys void: they have the ability to open pocket dimensions to devour whatever stands in their way
  • prides dignity the battle-hardened cannot walk away from a fight unless they know 100% they will lose and can heal for 3d6 once per day
  • lusts hunger: they have the one flaw that makes then weak and that is there want for affection
  • greeds selfishness: what there is theirs and they are not going to share unless they respect you
  • sloths depression: they sometimes fall into a mood where all they want to do is drink and sleep around

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