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Bathroom Troll, the Filth-Licker[edit]

Level: 1

Binding DC: 15

Special requirement: Yes


This vestige is born from the filth of dirty bathrooms, universally used throughout the ages by all people. It is a combination of odors, grime, disgust and of tales about creatures that live in dirty rooms and eat the filth that accumulates. Sometimes people swear they have seen a shadow in nasty corners of toilet rooms and baths, a creature accompanied by a foul smell. Others say they have felt something brushing against their bare back, while taking a bath, leaving them shivering in disgust and aversion.

Whatever it is, binders of all the world speak about a binding circle that you may find in dirty and smelly bathrooms, left unkept for a long time, where mold grows and dust mixes with humidity.


When you complete the ritual dirty water accumulates in the circle, seemingly coming from nowhere. The circle appears to be wet, and rapidly a green mold grows out of it, emitting a strong smell. As the mold keeps rising you realise it's the back of a creature of a pale brown, emerging from the terrain. The creature smells horribly and appears as a small, crooked humanoid, with an hideous face and an annoying voice. It looks like a tiny troll or an horrible goblin. Slime oozes from its body while it asks you how it can serve you, its long tongue reaching the ground.

Special Requirement[edit]

You must draw the binding circle in a filthy bathroom. You may "carry" this vestige away from a bathroom by binding it again and again each subsequent day.


You smell, as if you were sweaty and dirty, and your tongue is elongated and often slips out of your mouth when you talk.


You are not afraid of disgusting things and odors, and don't suffer them. Instead you are uncomfortable with cleanlines.

Granted abilities[edit]

You are granted resistance to disgust and the capacity to make others shiver with sickness.

Filth Dweller: You gain a +3 bonus to Fortitude throws. You may not be sickened. From the 8th level also you may not be nauseated.

Foul Odor: As a standard action you may exude a strong and stinky odor, targeting one creature up to 40 feet (12 meters) away. It must make a Fortitude throw, if it fails it's sickened for one round per three binder level (minimum 1). By the 8th level any affected creature is nauseated for the first round. You may use this power again after 5 rounds, when you use it. You must show this vestige's sign to use this power.

Quick Lap: You grow a long tongue, that you may use as a natural weapon. You may make an attack, up to 15 feet (4,5 meters) away, dealing 1d4 of damage in the process. You must show this vestige's sign to use this power.

Tongue of Disgust: You may partially hinder your opponents with your saliva. When using your tongue to attack or making a touch attack that doesn't deal damage (as a standard action). The opponent must make a Fortitude throw. If it fails you impose a -2 to any Dexterity check or Dexterity-based skill check, -1 to AC and reduce its speed by one quarter. This effect lasts one round per Charisma modifier and multiple uses don't stack. You must wait 5 rounds to use this power again.

Author: the bluez

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