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Barge of Ptah[edit]

Built By: Humans

Used Primarily By: Humans

Cost: 60,000 gp

Hit Points: 500

Damage Threshold: 10

Crew: 24/60

Max ability modifier: +0

Landing—Land: No

Landing—Water: Yes

Armor Class: 12

Standard Armament:

  • 6 medium ballistae
  • 4 medium catapults
  • 2 medium jettisons
  • 1 piercing ram

Cargo(tons): 40

Keel Length: 145'

Beam Width: 60'


The Barge of Ptah was built by early space-faring humans to defend against attacks by the orcs, ogres, kobolds and goblins. Designed as ornate, mobile temples in space where the clerics of Ptah could live and minister to the spacefaring faithful, the Barges became famous across space as refuges where stricken folk could find healing and help in repairing their ships. These templeships grew rich from tithes levied for their services.

Unfortunately, these treasures often attracted pirates and other raiders. Slow and clumsy in battle, the Barges of Ptah offered little protection to their crews and often became deathtraps for all on board. Many riddled Barges are to be found abandoned in the flow, but some few still perform their original function.

Ship Uses[edit]

Templeship: Crewed by the clergy of Ptah and still performing their original function, the templeships are refuge to the unfortunate traveler and refugee from pirate vessels who would plunder their extraordinary wealth.

Battle Barge: These are captured Barges of Ptah, now in use by the navies of the Orcs and Ogres and their allied worlds. Rather than a major helm, these ships most often use a Death helm and hold slaves onboard for propulsion.

Cargo Raft: Salvaged Barges of Ptah occasionally see service as stripped-down bulk cargo vessels. Service aboard these spartan and unprotected vessels is unpopular and occasionally used as punishment for minor crimes.


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