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Wondrous Item, artifact

The origins of this hallowed banner are beyond the ages of known memory, before the weave was changed by Mystra, The banner was around, having featured in myth, culture and legend as a herald of untold power and necromantic destruction, its maker unknown.

The Banner of the barrows appears as a hand held staff of wood, ebony, standing about 7ft in height, its banner a draped and tattered cloth piece, with an icon emblazoned on it, while looking to be in a relatively derelict state, the emblem is that of a keep with a cohort of skeletons marching out of it on the side os the banner are 2 phrases, the first being 'Officium Ad Mortem' and the other being 'Ad Sepulcrum'. The little history that remains to only the most learned minds left in the world is as follows;

The banner must held aloft, as if presenting it before an army, then, with all one's might, one must slam the hilt into the ground with all their might and read the words on the banners staff; 'Officium Ad Mortem', the ground around will shake and shudder as if the land is falling apart, and from the very ground behind you, an army of untold proportions will arise, what these undead were once is now long gone, defending the bearer of the barrow through death, soldiers to the end, once the bearer has no need of them anymore, they may simply say 'Ad Sepulcrum' and the legions will return to their hallowed graves. I fear if this Artifact were to ever resurfact.....if it were to fall into the wrong hands.....the results would be...horrifying.

I have theorised that the soldiers might be the legendary army of doom-keep, an entire legion of remorseless soldiers, a force to truly be reckoned with, though my theory keeps hitting obstacles, I fear I have garnered unwanted attention from darker powers, i must be on my guard.... -Account of Diedrich Van Hel, Arch-magi of the black tower, found amidst its ruins and alongside the wizards body.

The Army of Doom Keep The wielder must do as the instructions say, they must slaw the banner into the ground and say the words, if they do this, out of the ground comes the army of doom keep, totalling no less than:

- 10,000 skeleton's equipped with shields, full plate armour and longswords, decayed and black in their timeless service

- a siege line of catapults, 16 to be exact, governed by a skeleton crew on each

- 2 sets of 1000 skeletal cavalry with bows and lances, also equipped with full plate and barding on the horses

- 1 8ft tall Skeleton, adorned in black armour with a giant double headed ake with a skull helm and furs draped around their shoulders, this is Krell, the leader of the legion.

- 1 Dracolich

this army is under the direct command of the wielder of The Banner of the Barrows, a wish spell, nor the fates card can alter this, under all circumstances, the army can only be controlled by the wielder of the banner, normal necromancy cannot succeed control of it.

DM note:this item is great for a plot, it is really good for setting up enormous battle for players to participate or view, as a functioning item it can work, but it is advised that you control it as an army and not spend time rolling 10,000's of dice for each individual, you can if you choose so.

The item cannot be destroyed by any means, had it been able to be, it would have been destroyed long ago, the best way to keep it from being used is to keep it locked deep away in a separate plane of existence. Whatever cosmic powers created it keep it from being truly destroyed

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