Bane of the Immortals (5e Equipment)

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Weapon (+4 Longbow), artifact

The Potent warbow of Horus, said to use immortality against the immortals.
Bane of the Immortals. +4 Magical Longbow which when it hits a target the player rolls a 1d4 and places these random curses and conditions on an enemy. The Bane of the Immortals can concentrate on two of these effects. all spell effects have a dc. 20 to overcome. Player rolls a 1d4 and the effect is determined below.

1. Arrow hits and the player rolls a 1 the spell effect is Hex.

2. Arrow hits and the Player rolls a 2 the spell effect is Bane .

3. Arrow hits and the player rolls a 3 the spell effect is Bestow Curse .

4. Arrow hits and the player rolls a 4 the spell effect is Turn flesh to Stone .
Destroying the Bane of the Immortals. Such a powerful artifact and possibly aspect of a god is hard to destroy and the better or wiser approach is to imprison such a deadly artifact in a pocket dimension but after extensive use on the battlefield.

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