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Bane of Life[edit]

Price per dose: 300 gp
Type: Ingested

The Bane of Life poison is a deadly acidic liquid that, when ingested, causes the drinker to slowly weaken, slow, sag, and become exhausted. At a later stage in the poisons effects, parts of the victim's body could even fall off. This potion is crafted by mixing a cup of Alchemist's fire with a pint of shadow dragon blood. Upon ingesting the Bane of Life, the target must make a DC 20 Constitution saving throw. On a success, all effects end instantly. On a failure, the targets walking speed is lowered by 2d10 feet until the poison is neutralized. After 1d8 hours, a new effect begins to set in. The new effect is that the target's melee weapon attacks have a permanent disadvantage on the attack rolls until the poison is neutralized. After 1d10 hours, yet another symptom sets in, causing the victim to become frail (-1 AC until poison is neutralized, and disadvantage on strength and dexterity saving throws). After 1d12 hours, the penultimate effect sets in; the victim's skin turns a dark gray, causing it to resemble undead. Any creature that can see the victim and does not know it's true identity must make a wisdom saving throw or be frightened by the victim for 1 minute. After a final 1d6 hours, the target begins to take 1d6 poison damage after every 30 minutes (this effect ignores resistance and immunity to poison). The only way to stop this poison from slowly killing the victim is for the blood of a dragonborn to be mixed with water, salt, and a chopped four leaf clover. If this mixture is ingested, the effects end in half a minute. This poison has no effect on dragonborn, dragons, wyverns, or lizardfolk

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