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Symbol: A necklace of flowers.
Home Plane: Plane of Conflict
Alignment: Neutral, with Chaotic Good tendancies.
Portfolio: pascifists, peace, wanderers, wildflowers.
Clergy Alignments: any
Domains: Animal, Community, Creation, Healing, Liberation, Plant, Travel
Favored Weapon: quarterstaff.
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Balya the Peaceful[edit]

Balya is a demipower deity in the Fortress Celestia setting, and a pascifist deity who detests violence, no matter the purpose.


Wars bring only death. Flee combat and live in peace. You need not help others unless they are members of your own community, but you are encouraged to engage in diplomacy and trade.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Temples to Balya are found throughout the known planes, but are usually small, ramshackle, or hidden away, for her followers are persecuted by others who see them as dangerous cowards. Balya's clergy wear simple thin robes, often decorated with flowers. Balya is normally depicted as a young, frail humaoid woman of the same species as the atist.


Balya was created for the Fortress Celestia setting, as the "Pacifist" of the pantheon, but DM's are welcome to "borrow" this deity or any elements of this description for their own purposes.

Roleplaying Notes[edit]

In a multiverse at war, I wanted one "side" to be opposed to fighting altogether, and I thought they ought to have a religion. Balya is basically a goddess who took on a personna much like a "hippie" and extremist antiwar activist. She's also something of a "Yandere", a normally harmless but potentially very dangerous character. She hates war with a burning passion, regards most other deities as disgusting perverts, and soldiers are but murderers in her eyes, no matter how noble the cause they fight for.

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