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B'er'den are a race of monsters created by a mad wizard in years past. Somehow, this wizard managed to create a melding of beholder and human, resulting in a foul monstrosity... or so it seemed. Driven mad by their own existence, ripped apart by the disgusting revelation of their own bodies, the first of this race murdered foully. However, after much experimentation, the B'er'den became sane and possible candidates for guardians... Eventually the wizard became a Lich, and left his guardians to guard the entrances, deep underground, to his own demiplane... But they bred and escaped, leaving his imprisonment behind...


Cold and calculating, B'er'den can logically think their way through any puzzle, but are at a loss with emotional situations. Their minds are more powerful than an elf's, or so it is said, but their bodies are weak and childish in their humanoid form...

Physical Description

B'er'den stand about five feet tall, with a single, weak cyclopean eye in the centre of their face. They weigh a lot less than most humans, usually from 45-50 pounds. They have very little body fat and few organs, and their skin is brownish and covered permanently in a sheen of sweat. Their face is missing a nose, having only two small, snakelike nostrils straight into the head with a small bony ridge above it. Their mouths are large and fanged, and they have a large, whip-like prehensile tongue within. They have no hair at all on their bodies.
However, a single, extremely prominent feature of their bodies is the large, seemingly permanently lidded eye on their backs. This eye can be almost anywhere, from the small of the back to just beneath the shoulders, and varies from B'er'den to B'er'den. They are extremely supple, and can move their bodies in almost any way... but their best and most deadly power is their ability to roll up into a ball and levitate themselves. When they do this, the eye on their back opens and they see through there instead. They can shoot deadly rays from this eye, like a beholder...


B'er'den see all as potential, if dangerous allies and so will befriend, as far as that race can befriend, any who he or she sees as dangerous (must be joined with and possibly manipulated) or powerful (a useful ally).


Usually neutral evil. However, some B'er'den are chaotic in nature, and these few are those who become destructive later on in life.

B'er'den lands

B'er'den have no lands, skulking in the underdark or coming out onto the surface to kill and pillage occasionally...


B'er'den worship any god that will give them strength and power, but only for their own means.


B'er'den speak Abyssal and Undercommon. Both of these languages are used by them, often at the same time.


B'er'den usually have no names, preferring to adopt them as they go along and then throw them away once they have no more use. These names are usually given to them by fellow adventurers.


B'er'den will adventure wherever they can, pillaging and murdering or in some cases attempting to prove their worth to others. Admittedly, this is usually only because of their own causes requiring it...

Racial Traits

  • -4 Strength: B'er'den are weaker than a human, having few muscles to manipulate themselves with.
  • Medium: As medium creatures, B'er'den gain no bonuses or penalties because of their size.
  • B'er'den base land speed is 30 feet. When curled, a B'erd'en has a Fly Speed of 40 feet (Good).
  • Darkvision out to 60 feet. Darkvision is black and white.
  • Curl (Ex): B'er'den can curl up into a ball as a standard action, hovering in the air. All weaponry and any other equipment they are not wearing is dropped. Curled B'er'den cannot move along the ground, and so must always fly or hover. They may uncurl as a standard action.
  • The bizarre anatomy of the B'er'den renders them immune to critical hits.
  • Mimicry Ray (Su): Whenever a curled B'er'den is hit by a spell or spell-like ability, it may take a free action to absorb the spell, negating all effects or damage which would normally be dealt. As a standard action, a curled B'er'den may then make a ranged touch attack to fire a ray identical to the absorbed spell from their central eye, using the B'er'den's Hit Dice in substitution for a Caster Level to determine the effects and damage. Only one ray can be fired per absorption, and only one spell may be absorbed at a time. When a B'er'den uncurls, the spell is kept stored but cannot be fired, as the central eye cannot be opened when a B'er'den is not curled.
  • Automatic Languages: Undercommon and Abyssal. Bonus Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling, Gnome.
  • Level Adjustment: +2

Racial Feats

B'er'den characters also have access to several racial feats.

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