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Automaton Crafting[edit]

The process of crafting sentient constructs or automatons tends to be a fairly complex and lengthy endeavor. In the more advanced gnomish and magical societies, the art of how to craft constructs has been a closely guarded secret for millennia. How you came across such secret arts is up to you, but remember than mechanical constructs following you around will draw a lot of attention.

  • To craft an automaton, you first must choose a construct to construct. You must have proficiency in tinker's tools and you must spend the necessary gold and time each day needed to craft it. 8 hours of work on the automaton each day counts as a full day of work and anything beyond that may cause you to make mistakes or be fatigued. You can craft an automaton at a rate of 200 gp per day. See the table below for the costs of creating an automaton.
  • Only you can control the automatons you create and you can only control one at a time. If, you attempt to create a 2nd automaton after already controlling one, the magic of the 1st deactivates, leaving you will nothing to show for your earlier effort except scrap metal.
  • The crafted construct has all the ability scores, senses, actions, and hit points of the chosen construct creature, but does not keep its legendary actions.
  • You can heal your automaton through repairing it with the proper materials. To heal a automaton, you must spend one spend 1 hour repairing it. You can heal the automaton for any of hit points, but its hit points can not go over its hit point maximum. Each lost hit point that is healed costs 2 gold per CR of the automaton.
  • The automaton follows you, will protect you without command, and it rolls its own initiative. You may speak to the automaton on each of your turns to instruct the automaton on what to do on its turn.
CR Cost
1 1,400 gp
2 3,000 gp
3 12,000 gp
4 30,000 gp
5 45,000 gp
6 58,000 gp
7 70,000 gp
8 80,000 gp
9 90,000 gp
10 100,000 gp
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