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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder[edit]

You struggle with patience, focus, and concentration. But who cares, wanna ride a bike?
Effect: You find yourself beaming with energy and barely able to stay in one spot. Upon noticing something abrupt, hearing your name being called or something strange, seeing something your character finds interesting, or making a knowledge check, you become at risk of distraction. Roll a 1d8 wisdom save throw to avoid becoming distracted.

When making a wisdom save:

Failure: You become distracted and roll disadvantage on intelligence rolls until a short rest. However, this can be viewed as either charming or annoying. Roll a 1d8 to determine whether you gain or lose +2 charisma. If in combat and you become distracted you lose 1d3 AC. To fail roll a nat 4 or below.

Success: You gain focus on whatever your brain darted to, thus giving you an advantage on insight and wisdom on whatever it is you are currently thinking about. If in combat you gain 1d3 attack. None of these apply below a nat 8, and all effects of ADHD go away after a short rest.


Caffeine Concentration: Drinking coffee removes the need to make wisdom save throws, it also grants you a +1 to wisdom as you can now focus better and think more clearly. This goes away when the coffee wears off.

Drug Power: You can also receive medication from a medically trained doctor. But it does not apply to clerics or healers as they need to be trained to prescribe complex medicine. Taking medication removes the need for wisdom save rolls. However, medication has several side effects, including difficulty eating, difficulty sleeping, experiencing emotions strangely/not feeling certain emotions, and has an adverse reaction to alcohol (reaction to alcohol is at the DM's discretion). You gain +1 to intelligence and wisdom as the motor in your brain winds down and the fog in your head clears. This wears off after each long rest.

Energetic Mess: You have visibly more energy than your peers. The effect this has is that it is harder to make you tire, but you also have a hard time falling asleep. +1 exhaustion level to fill (Turns exhaustion level 1 into two separate levels. Level 1 pt 1 makes you less hyperactive, level 1 pt 2 gives you disadvantage on ability checks this effectively gives you seven exhaustion levels) Roll 1d2 each time you sleep to see if you sleep peacefully. If failed +1 exhaustion level. This does not apply to being knocked unconscious.

I Cannot Sleep: As seen in Energetic Mess, if you are being put to sleep via magic or whatever means, you get to do an additional constitution save throw to avoid being put to sleep.
Roleplaying Ideas: For a similar flaw, see Attention Deficit Disorder. This adds a whole new layer of complexity to your character (and I can assure you that this flaw is accurate!). It would work on any character, but would likely suit chaotic characters best.

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