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Attention Deficit Disorder[edit]

You have a hard time focusing on a subject, often finding yourself off track; especially when there is a shiny object involved.
Effect: Upon seeing a shiny object, or making a knowledge check, roll a D%; call high or low in your favour.

When making a spot check, or when an enemy makes a successful bluff to get your character to look at something, and the character sees a shiny or interesting object: Failure: You go and touch the shiny object (pick it up if possible), if in battle you get a -2 penalty to AC due to being distracted (cannot drop AC below 0, obviously). ("It feels so SHINY!")

When making a knowledge check:

Failure: Your mind wanders off on a similar/related or even unrelated subject, you take a -4 penalty to that knowledge check. ("Hmm---. If wraiths are dead, how are we supposed to kill them?" -- After rolling a knowledge check on Masonry to try to determine how thick the walls are, so they can use explosives to breach the wall. (Wraiths can go through walls, right?))
Roleplaying Ideas: Best for Chaotic characters, this flaw is great for people who feel like there isn't enough interaction with the world around them or between the party members; just be careful not to go overboard. DM always has the discretion to veto a roll, but otherwise what the character finds interesting is up to the player. Best to pick a few subjects during character creation that the character thinks is interesting, that way you are not just rolling every time a baddie flashes his sword at you. Maybe your character is really, really, interested in sun rods? Or perhaps that wondrous gleam from a clean rapier or well kept suit of armour always manages to catch your eye? In any case, this flaw uses a D% instead of a will save because it is an always present thing; intended to stick with the character, and continue to give a little bit of fluff, even if your campaign reaches epic level. Why can't you just cure it? Well, because every attempt to do so has made your character just... not feel like themselves. Even without the negatives, they feel hollow somehow.

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