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Malur Region[edit]

The Malur region is the ancestral home of the Human race and so, is populated mainly by Human cities and nations. It is a well populated area, far more so than the recently settled Salarm region to the east. Many small forests and rivers exist between the shallow valleys and low hills of the region, allowing towns to spring up all across the region. As with a most Human societies, farming is a large industry in the east even though many people are beginning to move into the larger cities to work in the new industrial workshops and live amongst the markets and bustle of life in the new age of steam powered machines.


  • Population: 1,268
    • 1,104 Humans
    • 153 Halflings
    • 11 Half-Elves
  • Dominant Deity: Medilus
  • Political Affiliation: City of the Thasillean Empire

Herberg is the location of the Grand Temple of Medilus and the home of the Medical Academy. Doctors from around the world travel to pray at the altar of Medilus and to study new advances in surgery and alchemical medicine at the Academy; the Academy, however, is very selective of those who may enter it's halls and benefit from the advanced training it offers: the cost of admission to the Academy is high, therefore, only the wealthy can apply.

Along with the medical aspects of the city, there is also a very strong history of fishing that stills carries on. Herberg is the largest exporter of freshwater fish in the entire Thasillean Empire and provides a large amount of the empire's food supply. Fishermen from Herberg are known for being a jolly bunch and can often be found in the numerous pubs that dot the lake's coastline around Herberg when they aren't out on the lake fishing.

The climate of Herberg is rarely very warm, instead often producing thick cloud cover. The locals claim that for every sunny day there is in Herberg there are three rainy days that will counter it: recent study of the weather over a course of multiple years confirms this. Fog is almost always seen rolling off the lake to fill the streets closer to the lake and many of the residents claim to have better eyesight on days when the fog is absent because of the training their eyes undergo to perform equally well in the near constant, vision-limiting, fog.

Local Benefits[edit]

  • You gain a +2 bonus to all Perception and a +1 bonus to all Heal checks.


  • Population: 7,395
    • 4,997 Humans
    • 1,323 Half-Elves
    • 788 Halflings
    • 198 Dwarves
    • 91 Gnomes
  • Dominant Deity: Tranos
  • Political Affiliation: Capital City of the Thasillean Empire

The people of Folton welcome the industrial revolution that is coming to their nation with open arms and pockets. As the capital city of the Thasillean Empire, it is a major center for commerce in the empire. Many important businesses call the great city of Folton their home and most of the wealth of the world resides here as a result.

Even though the city is known for it's wealthy businessmen and merchants, it is also known for it's large impoverished community. Commoners who cannot afford the exorbitant prices that merchants sell their goods for often resort to stealing and petty crimes to make ends meet. The lord of the city has done little to rectify the problems these people face, instead allowing the upstart factories to employ them for dismal wages and long hours.

Worship of the patron deity of Folton is usually confined to the upper class of the city. The lower class has an affinity for worshiping Veris instead, using the services performed at her temple to brighten their often dull or monotonous days.

Local Benefits[edit]

As a result of the two distinct social classes in Folton, there are two separate backgrounds available.

Upper Class Citizen
  • You gain a +1 bonus to Diplomacy checks and you begin with an additional 200 gold pieces.
Lower Class Citizen
  • You gain a +1 bonus to Streetwise, Thievery, and Religion checks.

Port Hope[edit]

  • Population: 1,344
    • 1,209 Humans
    • 122 Halflings
    • 13 Half-Elves
  • Dominant Deity: Tranos
  • Political Offiliation: Port City of the Thasillean Empire

Port Hope is the largest port in the Thasillean Empire and the world. It is home to many different shipping companies and is where most sailing vessels are produced. Being a major trading city of the Empire, the patron deity of the port is Tranos. The temple of Tranos in the city has fallen into disrepair and while the city seemingly throws money at the restoration projects, little progress is ever made, simply because there are few masons willing to modify a sacred temple.

Port Hope is most known for it's large ship construction yards, where some of the finest merchant ships are produced, along with where the entire Thasillean naval force is housed. Being admitted into the Thasillean Navy is a great accomplishment and is akin to becoming an astronaut for those of our world. The Navy is required to be strong and made up of well trained individuals, not because the fleet must be capable during wartime, but instead because of the ever increasing threat of pirates on the sea. A major problem about the ship yards, though, is that those who dwell near are prone to losing their hearing at early ages due to the constant noise coming from the area.

Local Benefits[edit]

  • You gain resist 2 thunder or your resistance increases by two.


  • Population: 529
    • 267 Humans
    • 145 Halflings
    • 44 Dwarves
    • 73 Gnomes
  • Dominant Deity: Veris
  • Political Affiliation: Mining Town of the Thasillean Empire

Shorton is recognized as the home of the most important mine on the western coast of the continent; almost 90% of the Thasillean Empire's supplies of iron ores are mined Shorton and the nearby hills. Based on the total wealth exported by Shorton, one would assume it to be a rich and grand city, but alas, it is instead just a small town of meek homes filled with typically large families. The people of Shorton are a kind and welcoming folk, keen to take in strangers and provide for them. Numerous hostels dot the town and are often filled to capacity with travelers who are making their way towards their favorite hunting grounds.

The mines of Shorton are not found on the outskirts of the town, but instead make up most of the town. Homes line the open pit mine that lies at the center of the town and the market instead is located in a quadrant toward the edge of the town. A long rail circles the entire town and eventually winds down to the bottom of the mine, where the miners can load up the steam powered carts with fuel and ore and send them towards the top of the city.

Local Benefits[edit]

  • You gain a +6 bonus to any checks made to identify rocks, minerals, or metals. You may also apply this bonus when searching for hazards or traps or identifying creatures made of stone, minerals, or metals.


  • Population: 317
    • 167 Humans
    • 113 Half-Elves
    • 12 Halflings
    • 25 Gnomes
  • Dominant Deity: Larbo
  • Political Affiliation: No Political Affiliation

The village of Dresdel is one of the few locations that the Thasillean Empire holds no power over. In truth, the Empire has no real need of the small village because it produces nothing of value. The village is home to a number of experienced hunters and farmers, and so, they are capable of sustaining themselves without the Empire's meddling quite easily.

The village, while unimportant to the Empire, is quite important to the nearby elves in Metran, because it sits above the cave system where the elves of Metran hold their druidic rites; the spirit of the northern part of Malur is said to inhabit these caves. Because of the relatively common presence of elves in the area, the town of Dresdel has a much higher than average population of half-elves.

Local Benefits[edit]

  • You gain proficiency with the longbow and the shortbow. If you are already proficient with one or both of the weapons, you may instead choose to gain proficiency with the greatbow instead of one of, or both of, the longbow or shortbow.






Blue Lake[edit]

Abril Plain and The Ranwood[edit]






Port Boswitch[edit]

Western Peaks[edit]

Morth Swamp[edit]

Grand Dwarven Halls[edit]

Cattalan Desert[edit]


Orkwil Region[edit]




Lake Bazruk[edit]


Eastern Dwarven Halls[edit]

Salarm Region[edit]





The Grey Wood[edit]

Isle of Telera[edit]



Southern Dwarven Halls[edit]

Boar Lake[edit]


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