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What we have here is a rare opportunity for me to cut loose... and show you just how powerful I really am.
—Clark Kent, Superman
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Atlantis is a underwater location in the DC Universe and home to Aquaman.



The continent of Atlantis was settled 65,000,000 years ago by a humanoid extraterrestrial race known as the Hunter/Gatherers who proceeded to hunt the Dinosaurs to extinction. One million years ago, Atlantean society flourished alongside Homo erectus, the precursors of modern man. This apparently occurs long before the intervention of the White Martians whose genetic tampering with Homo sapiens sapiens created the Metagene.

Thousands of years ago, when magic began to drop in level on Earth due to the sleeping entity known as Darkworld beginning to wake up, the Atlantean sorceress Citrina struck a deal with the Lords of Chaos who ruled Gemworld, so she would be allowed to create a home there for those Homo magi and magic dependent species such as Elves, Centaurs, and so forth who wished to emigrate from Earth. Gemworld was colonized by Homo magi emigrants from Earth made up of the twelve Atlantean Ruling Houses.

Darkworld was a dimension formed by the body of an unnamed cosmic entity who later fell into a deep sleep. This entity's dreams were responsible for creating the first Lords of Chaos and Order, Chaon (chaos), Gemimn (order), and Tynan the balancer. These beings and others were worshiped as gods by the citizens of Atlantis. Darkworld was tethered to Atlantis by a massive "chain" created by Deedra goddess of nature. Some Atlantean magicians such as Arion and Garn Daanuth later learned to tap the mystic energies of Darkworld, this enabled them to wield nearly godlike power.

New Atlantis[edit]

Atlantean survivors of the city of Challa-Bel-Nalla, then ruled by Lord Daamon an ancestor of Deimos, moved to Skartaris and formed an alliance with an extraterrestrial race they called the Red-Moon Gods. These aliens provided the Atlanteans with advanced technology that Travis Morgan would later discover in New Atlantis.

Homo magi[edit]

In the DC Universe the Homo magi apparently originated on the lost continent of Atlantis. The continent was a focal point for unharnessed magical energies (wild magic), and the local Homo sapiens evolved into Homo sapiens magi as a result of their exposure to these energies. Upon the fall of Atlantis, people who carried the predisposition scattered to the four winds. Today, every human being capable of casting spells is a descendant of the Atlantean "Homo magi".

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