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Ash Ones[edit]


The first desire of these creatures is to survive, the second is to eat, and third is to multiply. Everything else is subordinate to these goals.

Physical Description[edit]

These extremly small creature can easily chew through everything, when the swarm is together they seem like a black mist or malevolent ash devouring everything in their path. In reality they are thousands and thousands of miniscule aberrant mites that form a singular hive mind, with the purpose of finding and consuming food.


The ashen ones rarely get along other races, but some brave, stupid, or nefarious creatures have been known to tame or feed the ashen in hopes of using them as a living catastrophe, or prevent catastrophe altogether. Sometimes they follow adventurers, armies, or particularly destructive creatures, knowing they'll get a good meal out of the aftermath.


Ash ones simply live to eat, and eat to live. Most are neutral, but some may be malicious and evil, or show restraint and be lawful, or very rarely good.


They can live in every region as long as there is food, often consuming anything that is not rock or metal down to dust, leaving behind deserts in their wake.


None, they follow the hive mind of their swarm leader.


Common, abyssal, and most likely the language of their favorite food.


They have no proclivities for or against names, and may take any name given or make up their own.


In order to qualify for playing this race you must buy pizza and drinks for everyone every session while you are playing this race (including this one). You are not allowed to take the last slice, drink the last bit of drink, or take any leftovers. If at any time you do not meet these requirements, or if you purposefully bring pizza and/or drinks that the group doesn't like, your character immediately dies and you have to make a human fighter using only the official 3.5e rules.

Racial Traits[edit]

  • +1 Strength, +1 Dexterity, -1 Constitution, +2 Intelligence, +1 Wisdom, -1 Charisma.
  • Aberration, Swarm Type: Ash Ones are a swarm of fine aberration.
  • Fine: Attack and AC Modifier +8, Special Attacks Modifier −16, Hide Modifier +16, Carrying Capacity Multiplier ×1/8.
  • Ash Ones base land speed is 15 feet, fly 25 ft. (average).
  • Ash Ones gain 1 bonus feats at level 1. You only gain the benefit of this feat while the swarm is called.
  • Call swarm(Ex): A leader of the Swarm can call or send away the rest of the swarm as a swift action. While the swarm is not called you are a single mite who is the hive mind leader of the swarm. While a single mite you cannot speak or vocalize and you have no hands or fingers, but you can use the hide skill in any sort of environment or terrain, even if even if it does not provide concealment or cover, and even if you are being observed.
  • The Swarm(Ex): When the swarm is called you can take any rough shape, and may occupy a radius of up to 5 feet + 5 feet/3 class levels. When you are at positive hit points and the swarm is called, you are considered one size larger for every 5 foot radius you occupy, creatures can pass through and occupy your space, and you can pass through and occupy other creature's spaces, moving through, and occupying a creature's space this way cost twice the movement to enter and move through. When the swarm is called and you are at half or less hit points, you only add half your class levels, rounded down, to your Ash One racial features. When you are at 0 or negative hit points your swarm disperses.
  • Eat away(Ex): When the swarm is called and you are expanded, on your turn as a swift action, you can force everything inside your space to make a fortitude saving throw of DC 10 + half your class level rounded down or take 1d6 piercing damage + 1d6 piercing damage/5 class levels, or take half damage on a success. Every time you deal damage with this ability you regain half that much life, but no more than your maximum, this is considered a natural weapon.
  • Fast Healing 5(Ex): While the swarm is called you can recreate yourself every second, you have fast healing 1.
  • Vision of the swarm(Ex): You have Low-light vision and Darkvision for 60 feet, you are blind beyond this point. You also have blindsight 30, blindsense 15, scent and true sight for 10 feet as if affected by True seeing spell.
  • Hard to damage(Ex): The swarm is really difficult to damage, while the swarm is called you gain DR1/- and SR5/-.
  • The Swarm as one(Ex): For every 10 feet you would occupy as a Swarm you can instead take the form of a humanoid creature of one category size larger.
  • The Swarm Space(Ex): While the swarm is called, you can store item inside of the swarm up to 3 times your carrying capacity and summon these as an instant action.
  • Natural Attacks(Ex): You have a bite and a claw attack. Bite 1d6 , claw 1d4 these are considered natural weapons. While the swarm is called, the damage for your bite increases by +1d6 every 5 class levels, and the damage for your claws increases by +1d4 for every 5 class levels.
  • The Swarm Grows(Ex): While the swarm is called, you add your level as a racial bonus to your special attacks modifier.
  • Automatic Languages: common, abyssal, deep speech. Bonus Languages: any.
  • Favored Class: rogue.
  • Level Adjustment: +5

Vital Statistics[edit]

The Ash One does not age, it learns, however individual mites can multiply, grow old, and die.

Age of hive mind Length or height Weight
Simple Moderate Complex of single mite of single mite
1d100 years 1d100 × 2 years 1d100 × 3 years 1d12/16ths of an inch 1d6 oz

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