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Ascetic Performer [Multiclass]

You combine your martial skills with your artistic prowess, balancing two apparent opposites.
Prerequisite: Improved Unarmed Strike, inspire courage +1
Benefit: Your bard and monk levels stack with each other for the purpose of: bard caster level, bardic music uses, evasion (but not improved evasion), inspire courage, suggestion, tongue of the sun and moon and unarmed damage.

You may add your Charisma modifier to your AC, together with your Wisdom bonus, but you may not wear armor, as a monk must not.

You may freely multiclass between the two classes and be chaotic or lawful, without penalties from the bard or monk class.
Special: You may select this feat as a monk bonus feat. If you use my monk, bard levels stack also for ki techniques and ki points.

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