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Uninstaller 01[edit]

M6 Magnum Sidearm, artifact

The weapon that single-handedly destroyed a Halo ring. During the discovery of the first Halo, Spartan John-117 was instrumental in ensuring that neither the Covenant nor the Flood would get their hands on the super-weapon. On his journey, he held a single weapon, a side-arm given to him by Captain Keyes. It has been upgraded numerous times, allowing the user to sprint at top speeds without sacrificing accuracy. After the end of the Human-Covenant War, Thel Vadum handed this weapon over to the UNSC, where is sat as the centerpiece of the memorial alongside the cryptic inscription “117.”

While wielding this weapon, you are always under the effect of the Dash action.


AIE-486H HMG, artifact

On the 10th anniversary of the destruction of Reach, 6 heavy machine guns were made in memoriam of the 6 members of Noble Team who were instrumental in ensuring the fall of the planet would not be futile. They were then distributed to various exemplary Spartan teams. They incorporate state of the art SWAT style ammunition containment belts and Hannibal prototype shielding systems. After the Human-Covenant War, each were secretly relocated to ONI Blacksites in case of possible intruders.

This weapon has twice the ammunition capacity of a normal variant and grants an additional 30 temporary hit points in the same manor as Mjolnir armor.


Sniper Rifle System 99C-Series 2 Anti-Matériel, artifact

Nornfang was a sniper rifle given numerous modifications by Spartan Linda-058. These include advanced smart-link functions to increase motion stability and a built in motion tracker. It also includes an extendable blade in the stock, making combat possible at close range. Linda-058 has always wielded this weapon, though her actions with the rogue Spartan team Blue Team has jeopardized her inclusion in the UNSC military, marking her as a potential head-hunter target.

While wielding this weapon, your effective range extends to 10ft less than your maximum range (i.e. the weapons range is now counted as 290/300). In addition, creatures who are within your movement speed have disadvantage on Stealth checks. Finally, you may make a melee attack with this weapon dealing 1d8 slashing damage using your Dexterity modifier.

Prophet’s Bane[edit]

Type-1 Energy Sword, artifact

The Prophets' Bane is an ancient sword of the House of Vadam dating back before the ratification of the Writ of Union and the establishment of the Covenant. Formerly known as the "End of Night", the sword came to be recognized by its original user as more than a warrior's tool, but a weapon that possessed the warrior's heart. The blade was highly treasured and stored away to serve as a reservoir of glory and honor that can be redeemed in times of great need.

Following the aftermath of the Human-Covenant War, Arbiter Thel 'Vadam recovered the sword from the House of Vadam's vaults. Unusual among Sangheili, the Arbiter reforged and upgraded the blade in a way that apparently preserved its honor and history, but changed its destiny. Upgraded in the traditional Sangheili manner in his clan's own forge, 'Vadam insisted for the blade to incorporate components of the Type-1 energy sword that he used to assassinate the High Prophet of Truth during the Battle of Installation 00 in 2552. He currently resides in the sangheili Capital with the weapon.

While wielding this weapon, you are under the effects of Active Camo, as outlined in the Spartan, Halo Variant class, and you do not have the penalty against Stealth rolls.

Tartarus’s Gavel[edit]

Gravity Hammer, artifact

Upon his coronation as chieftain, the forges of High Charity created a special Type-2 gravity hammer for Tartarus. Inside its core are Subanese crystals that enhance its gravitational effect. After his death at the hand of the Arbiter, this hammer was left within High Charity.

While wielding this weapon, you have a 15ft reach. Any creature who failed the Dexterity throw is pushed to the edge of your reach.

Blood of Suban[edit]

Type-51 Carbine, artifact

Long ago, a single kig-yar rebelled against the Covenant within High Charity. For 3 weeks, armed with nothing but a modified carbine, he held his own against waves of brutes, wraiths, and even a squad of elite honor guards led by a councilor. He was finally slain when an Arbiter was named, using Active Camo to assassinate the rebel. Since then, the rifle has been a point of contention among jackal pirates. It is often used as a badge of honor to signify the strongest among them.

This weapon deals 1 damage and fires subanese crystals (reload 25). If 3 consecutive attacks hit, the target must succeed a DC 20 Dexterity or Strength saving throw. On a failure, they take 4d10 fire damage as the needles detonate.

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