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Arglargle: This thick, clumpy grey-green slime tastes like rotting fish but is a great boon to land-dwelling creatures planning on traveling underwater for a time. It gets it's name from the sound such creatures make trying to talk underwater. The archpotion grants the effects of Freedom of Movement, Water Breathing and Reduce Person.

  • Grants immunity to all magical effects that impede movement, the ability to attack and move normally underwater, and a size decrease resulting in a −2 size bonus to Strength, a +2 size bonus to Dexterity and a +1 size penalty on attacks and Armor Class.

7,200 gp crafted by a 12th level caster. Duration of 36 minutes.

9,000 gp crafted by a 15th level caster. Duration of 45 minutes.

Shelf life of 4 months.

Shelf Life

Archpotions have a limited shelf life. Archpotions that exceed their shelf life have a chance of going bad. There is a 10% chance per spell infused that after its shelf life date, the archpotion goes bad and instead has a different effect. Though it is the DMs decision, common expiration effects include:


  • Water Breather: The potion works normally, but during and for 1d6 minutes after the potion's duration, the drinker loses the ability to breath air, effectively suffocating. The drinker may still breath underwater while this is in effect.

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