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By kriscooper [1]

Argent Dawn

Warriors of justice, members of the Argent Dawn belong to an ancient brotherhood that has been locked in a deadly struggle against the undead for millennia. Against the endless hordes of the reanimated, the Argent Dawn fight endlessly to protect the world, and keep the dark forces at bay, well aware it may never be able to be fully defeated. Nonetheless they run in to battle tirelessly, willing to do what it takes to fight the endless hordes and legions of the undead. They are excellent and well trained warriors, many having fought off thousands of undead soldiers. As the dead outnumber the living, and they can be reanimated, the forces that would do evil with the undead have a limitless supply of soldiers. Argent Dawn soldiers cannot be reanimated in to undead creatures if they so choose, and can ignore a number of necromancer's powers. Argent Dawn members tend to be good morally aligned characters, and tend to have a lot of empathy and compassion, as well as a desire to fight evil. This is not always the case however, and some Bandit groups have been allowed to join the Argent Dawn's struggle in the fight against the undead, as well as pirates. Some members spend their entire lives on the front line, fighting in organized units against the legions of the undead. Other's wander the world as adventurers, and recruit others in to their organization. The original group hails from an icey island, where the Lich King and his endless hordes remain. Being a member of the Argent Dawn is not only a lifelong pursuit against the undead and lich enemies of the world, but also a method of granting additional power to aid in the fight, with various spells and incantations that virtually anyone can learn. Members of the Argent Dawn if they are a divine class can become members of the Knights of the Silver Hand (4e Feat), which grants access to special at-will and encounter powers among other features.


As a member of the Argent Dawn, you dedicate your life to the pursuit of justice, and defeating the undead.

Class Prerequisites

None. Any class can become an Argent Dawn member, although it is focused more on Divine and Radiant powers.

Race Prerequisites

None. Anyone may become a member of the Argent Dawn, however, humans are more likely to join the organization.

Associated Skill: Perception, Athletics

Starting Feature

Members of the Argent Dawn are excellent warriors, and as a result retain keen battlefield awareness and good mobility on the battlefield. They're adept not only at fighting, but maneuvering and remaining ready to fight. They also possess innate powers of the light, which allow them to manifest weapons to continue the fight, even if normal equipment might eventually wear down. Their experience against the undead means they have often killed hundreds if not thousands of enemy warriors, giving them unparalleled combat experience in battle.


You gain a +2 bonus to Athletics and Perception, and may choose to learn Channel Divinity powers, even if you are not a Divine Class. In addition, you get the "Argent Fury" Theme power, which allows you to manifest the "Argent Blade", which does 2d4 damage, has a +3 proficiency bonus, and qualifies as an implement when wielding it.

Additional Features

Level 5 Feature

As a dedicated warrior of the light, you may wield it's wrath, particularly against the undead.


You may choose for all of your attacks to gain the "Radiant" Keyword and deal Radiant damage instead of it's original type, and thus allow your attacks to benefit from effects which alter radiant powers. Against Undead, Demon, or Shadow enemies, creatures you target with attack gain a vulnerability of 5 to radiant damage until the end of your next turn.

Level 10 Feature

You are particularly skilled at combat, with tremendous exposure fighting the legions and hordes of the undead, and thus have mastered many powers and techniques in your lifetime. You are also immune to normal mortal fatigue, letting the light guide you in battle.


You are immune to the blind and deafened conditions. In addition, you gain an extra encounter power from your class your level or lower. Anytime you level, you may retrain this power.

Optional Powers

By Rui Zhang [2]

Argent Fury Theme Utility Theme
Inspired by the Divine Light, you draw forth a radiant sword, made of pure, Ephemeral Light.
Minor Action Personal
Target: Self
Effect: You manifest the "Argent Blade", a sword of Ephemeral light. The weapon persists until you no longer hold either it or until you dismiss it as a free action. You may only summon one "Argent Blade" at a time. You can make weapon attacks with the weapon, using its proficiency bonus and the appropriate damage die. The weapon cannot be enchanted, however it's enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls is equal to your level. You can use the Argent Blade as an implement, and you add it's enhancement bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls of implement attacks.
The Argent Blade qualifies as a light blade and heavy blade, has a proficiency bonus of +3, and has a damage of 2d4. On a crit, the weapon does 2d4 extra damage. The weapon is weightless and ephemeral, meaning that it offers no resistance or presents no fatigue when being carried. The weapon is manifested from pure Divine Energy, and is spawned by your divine radiance, meaning it does not need to be stored or carried on your person; when the weapon is spawned through the use of this power, it is automatically drawn and in your hand. The weapon qualifies as a melee weapon and can be used with melee basic attacks. Any power which possesses the weapon keyword can use the Argent Blade.
When you make an implement attack and are wielding the Argent Blade, you can instead choose to make the attack a melee attack. If you do, you can add the weapon's proficiency bonus to the attack roll. Further, the attack gains the "weapon" keyword. The attack does the same amount of damage and loses the ranged property, however it adds the weapon's proficiency and enhancement bonus to the attack roll. When you use a power associated with your pact weapon and the power has both the weapon and the implement keyword, you are considered to be wielding both your pact weapon and your implement for the purpose of feats and other game elements.

Argent Power Argent Dawn Utility 2
You manifest your divine power, blinding your enemy with it's radiance.
Free Action Personal
Trigger: You hit a creature with an attack that is vulnerable to radiant damage
Target: The creature
Effect: The creature is blinded (save ends).

Argent Will Argent Dawn Utility 6
You are filled with a renewed sense of vigor, gaining a second wind to continue on with combat.
Minor Action Personal
Target: Self
Effect: You may spending a healing surge and regain hitpoints, and in addition gain temporary hitpoints equal to your wisdom modifier.

Argent Twilight Argent Dawn Utility 10
You have mastered many forms of combat, and thus have developed many stances to aid you in your eternal fight.
Minor Action Personal
Target: Self
Effect: You gain the "Argent Combat" stance. While in the stance, you suffer a -1 penalty to AC and Reflex, but you may shift one extra square when you shift, and may shift over difficult terrain. You may also exude an aura of bright light in every direction for 10 squares.

Optional Encounter power

Argent Justice Theme Attack 3
You brim with inherent justice, filled with the desire to help your allies and those in need.
Encounter Star.gif Radiant, Implement, Weapon
Free Action Melee or Ranged
Trigger: An ally of yours is targeted with an attack.
Target: The creature targeting your ally with an attack.
Effect: As an immediate interrupt, you may make a basic attack (including charging) against the target if it is within range. If you successfully hit with the basic attack, you may do an additional 1[W] or 1d10 extra damage.

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Radiant Fire Theme Attack 7
You burst with Radiant Fire, Engulfing and blinding all your enemies around you.
Encounter Star.gif Radiant, Implement
Standard Action Close Burst 3
Target: All enemies in area
Attack: Highest ability modifier + 2 Vs. Reflex
Hit: 1d10 + Highest ability modifier damage
Miss: If you miss every target with this power, you may re-roll the attack roll for one target.
Special: If the creature is vulnerable to radiant damage, then it is also blinded and weakened.

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