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When you are one with the world...[edit]

You have finally accomplished that which all druids desire. Through diligent effort and much meditation you have reached where you are at one with the natural world around you, but you know there is something more, something deeper. Cast aside mortal boundaries and see nature what it truly is and yourself for what you truly are. You will be known as the Archdruid, and life itself is at your command. Gaining levels beyond level 20 takes 20,000 experience for every level.


In order to advance as an Archdruid, you must meet the following prerequisites (in addition to the multiclassing prerequisites for your existing class):

You've reached a unity with nature few can comprehend. In order to continue down this path you must have the awareness to do so

  • 20th Level Druid.

Only those who have truly become one with nature can hope to achieve the powers of the Archdruid.

  • Defining Moment.

You must have completed a quest, performed a great action to the benefit of nature, or have seen a little bit about the origin of magic.

Class Features

As a Archdruid you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Archdruid level
Hit Points per Level: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Archdruid level


Armor: None
Weapons: None
Tools: 3 Artisan’s Tools of your choice.
Saving Throws: Strength, Intelligence.
Skills: Choose 3 From the following: History, Nature, Religion, Insight, Perception, Investigation, Survival.

Table: The Archdruid

Level Proficiency
Features —Spell Slots per Spell Level—
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th
21st +7 d6 World Magic, Magic Soul, Spell Manipulation, Connection to the Weave, Vessel of Nature 5 3 3 3 2 2 2 1 1
22nd +7 d6 Greater Ability Score Improvement 6 4 3 3 2 2 2 1 1
23rd +7 d6 Amplify Magic, Well of Magic 6 5 4 3 2 2 2 1 1
24th +7 d8 Greater Ability Score Improvement, Soul of The Attuned 6 5 5 4 2 2 2 1 1
25th +8 d8 Magical Mastery, Arcane Evolution 6 5 5 5 3 2 2 1 1
26th +8 d8 Greater Ability Score Improvement 6 5 5 5 4 3 2 1 1
27th +8 d12 Open Attunement 6 5 5 5 4 4 2 1 1
28th +8 d12 Greater Ability Score Improvement 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 1 1
29th +9 d12 Master of the Wilds 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 1
30th +9 d20 World Soul 6 5 5 5 4 4 3 2 2

Magic Soul[edit]

Your magical prowess rises beyond what was the known limit. You gain the following additional benefits:

  • Any feature from a druidic circle that increases with the level like the Natural recovery from the Circle of Land will count Archdruid levels as Druid levels for the sake of those features and the increase is counted as double.
  • When you use your wildshape feature you may become any creature with a challenge rating equal to or lower than your total character levels, excluding legendary actions and resistances. With any of the ability scores of your new form you may choose to use your own score or that of the creature for a particular ability. You may also do the same for your proficiencies. You maintain any class features in your new form so long as your new form is physically capable of doing so.
  • You can use your Wisdom Modifier instead of your Constitution Modifier for calculating your hit points, and at level 21 you instantly gain as many hit points as 10 times your Wisdom Modifier.
  • Choose one 1st-level and one 2nd-level spell that you can cast. You may cast those spells at their first level without expecting a spell slot. If you want to cast either spell at a higher level you must expend a spell slot as normal. By spending 8 hours in meditation you can exchange one or both of the spells you have chosen for spells of the same level. At level 25; two 1st-level spells, two 2nd level spells and one 3rd-level spell, at 27; two 1st-level spells, two 2nd level spells, one 3rd-level spell and one 4th-level spell, at 30th; two 1st-level spells, two 2nd level spells, two 3rd-level spells, one 4th-level spell, and one 5th-level spell.

Connection to the Weave[edit]

You know all Cleric, Druid, and Sorcerer spells starting at 21st level, including cantrips and they count as Druid spells for you. Additionally, you may prepare a number of spells equal to your Wisdom modifier plus 20% of your maximum Mana Points, rounded down. This is added on top of existing benefits that increase the amount of spells prepared. The spells prepared must be equal to or lesser than your highest level spell slot. An Archdruid may change his list of prepared spells whenever he takes a long rest.

In addition whenever you make an ability check that uses a mental ability score, aka int, wis, or cha and the result on the die is lower then your Wisdom modifier you may use your Wisdom modifier in place of the number rolled.

Vessel of Nature[edit]

As you became at one with nature, your body changed in the process. Full of magical power and arcane knowledge, it now harbors all the secrets of the Weave.

Your body becomes a magical vessel for the natural world and are filled with magical power. At level 21 you gain the following benefits. Your mind and will are your own and cannot be read or altered against your will. You also gain complete control of the aging process, you can’t be magically aged by others and may alter the your physical age at will without any negative effects. You also can no longer die of old age unless you choose to.

But at level 30, your body has been filled with magical energy for so long that it has slowly been transformed into something more than just a mortal frame. You gain the benefits of an Artifact level object with 2 minor beneficial properties and 2 major beneficial properties of your choice. In addition, you no longer require a druidic focus and can cast any spell without material components worth of 500 gold or less.

World Magic[edit]

You traveled the world, and you've seen everything that needs to be seen. You just have to put your experience to practice. Unlocking the secrets of magic has lead you to one thing: Mana.

At 1st level, An Archdruid can tap into the world magic to gain a storage of magical power. This power is stored as Mana - An ethereal essence within all beings. Mana can be used to fuel spells and other magical abilities available to the Archdruid, as well as manipulate the energies of spells he casts normally.

Mana Points

An Archdruid gains a number of Mana Dice equal to the total character level. At level 21, you gain mana dices equal to your total character level plus your Wisdom modifier, and each time you level up, you gain another mana die plus your Wisdom modifier. At higher levels, the strength of the mana die increases. The strength of the die in each level is shown in the Archdruid table; however, the change is NOT retroactive to previous Mana Dice gained. Expended Mana can be recovered after a long rest. The amount of Mana recovered is equal to 5 times your Wisdom modifier.

The Mana available to an Archdruid can be used in three ways:

  • 1) Creating Spell Slots: As an action an Archdruid can spend a number of Mana points equal to twice the level of the spell slot being created.
  • 2) Altering Spells: By using Mana as a catalyst, the Archdruid can change how a spell acts. He will learn different ways of altering spells as he gains more levels in the Archdruid class, and all methods will be explained in greater detail later.
  • 3) Greater concentration: Druids have honed their minds though meditation and your level of focus goes beyond what mere mortals are typically capable of. By using Mana to augment your mind you may concentrate on multiple spells at a time. When you wish to cast an additional spell that requires concentration you may do so by spending mana points equal to twice the spell level. You may concentrate on a total number of spells equal to your Wisdom modifier using this feature and if you fail a concentration check to maintain a spell you loose concentration on all of these spells.

Spell Manipulation[edit]

By shaping his spells with Mana, the Archdruid can alter how his spells behave and twist them to suit his needs.

An Archdruid gains 3 Metamagic techniques from the Sorcerer class at 21st level, using your Wisdom when Charisma is needed. You spend a number of Mana Points equal to twice the cost in Sorcery points of the Metamagic feature. An Archdruid can only do this once per turn unless otherwise stated. Furthermore, you also gain the benefits of 2 Druidic Circles of your choice, gaining all of it’s characteristics. You gain 2 additional Druidic Circles at 24th level and 2 more at 27th level. At 30th level you gain the benefits of all Druidic circles as you have attained the goal of all druids, a perfect unity with nature.

Greater Ability Score Improvement[edit]

When you reach 2nd level, and again at 4th, 6th and 8th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 3, or you can increase three ability scores of your choice by 1. It is possible to raise a score above 20 using this feature, but not above 30 - due to the nature of a Prestigious Class improvement.

Amplify Magic[edit]

Archdruids have learned to devote Mana to their spells in order to strengthen the effects that they create.

Whenever you cast a spell, you may spend a number of Mana points up to a maximum of 2 times the spell's level (and not the spell slot used). When you do, you provoke one of the following effects, depending on the type of spell, which you may choose when the Mana points has been spent:

  • All Spells:
  1. Longitude Increase: By each point of mana spent, you can increase the range of your spells by 20 feet.
  2. Amplitude Increase: By each point of mana spent, you can increase the radius of your spells by 5 feet.
  3. Mana Acceleration: You decrease the amount of time needed for a spell to one action (if the spell has a bigger casting time) by spending mana equal to twice the level of the spell. This cannot make a spell that needs an action transform to one that needs an additional action.
  4. Mana Efficiency: You increase the duration of a spell (or the duration of it’s effects) for 2 mana points per turn.
  • Saving Throws:
  1. Magnitude Increase: If a creature that fails the saving throw would take damage from the spell, the number of die to be rolled increases by the amount of Mana points spent.
  2. Arcane Potency: The Spell Save DC increases by the amount of Mana points spent.
  3. Unexpected Exposure: If a creature were to fail the saving throw and suffer a condition, the target takes a penalty to their next roll equal to the amount of Mana points spent.
  • Ranged and Melee Spell Attack Rolls:
  1. Magnitude Increase: If your spell impacts and the creature would take damage from that spell, the number of die to be rolled increases by the amount of Mana points spent.
  2. Arcane Tracking: The Spell Attack Bonus increases by the amount of Mana points spent.
  3. Arcane Burn: When you deal damage with a spell, you can make it deal damage the next turns equal to one third the damage you made for a number of turns equal to mana points spent. Only one spell at a time can deal "burning" damage.

At 27th level, you may pick 2 effects simultaneously in the spell, portioning off the amount of Mana points that go to the two effects. At 30th level, the amount of Mana points you can spend increases to 5 times the spell's level and can pick 3 effects.

Well of Magic[edit]

At 23rd level, by channeling your magical ability into the cosmos, you can tap into a reservoir of energy that allows you to regain all expended spell slots. Once you use this feature, can't do so again until you finish a long rest; however, you can use the Natural Recovery feature if you have it to gain additional spell slots, and when doing so you can count the Archdruid levels as Druid levels for the sake of the Arcane Recovery feature.

Soul of The Attuned[edit]

At the 24th level, your Wisdom allows you to see truth. Your eyes have the same ability as detect magic and identify to a range of 120 feet but don't count as spells, and truesight in a range of 60 feet. You can speak all languages as well as speak to animals. In addition, you can use your Wisdom modifier in initiative rolls instead of Dexterity.

Magical Mastery[edit]

At 25th level, your proficiency bonus is doubled for the purposes of Spell Save DC and Spell Attack Bonus. In addition, you may add your proficiency bonus to all damage rolls dealt by any spell.

Arcane Evolution[edit]

At level 25 when you wild shape into a creature with innate spellcasting, legendary actions, or legendary resistance, you can also use those features.

Open Attunement[edit]

At level 27 You are attuned to the weave, this powerful connection allows you to attune to a number of magic items equal to your Wisdom modifier.

Master of the Wilds[edit]

At level 29, your connection with the earth makes you inseparable from it, and that connection empowers you further. You gain resistance to environmental effects. If you take a short rest in a natural environment it counts as a long rest You also travel through wilderness twice as fast.

World Soul[edit]

At level 30, you have such a deep connection to the earth that separating you from it is nearly impossible. You are now immune to all environmental effects, you can no longer gain levels of exhaustion, terrain is never considered difficult terrain for you, and you can cast Control Weather and Move Earth at will, requiring no material components. Additionally, if you are reduced to zero health, you immediately regain all of your hit points and spell slots, and all status effects currently effecting you are removed. This feature can be used once every week from the next dawn.

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