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Arcane Adept [General]

A character with this feat can treat Adept spells as arcane rather than divine.
Prerequisite: Int 13, Wis 13, Knowledge (arcana) 3 ranks
Benefit: This feat modifies the spellcasting ability of the Adept NPC class. Adepts generally replace both Clerics and Wizards in cultures which lack these classes, and many of their spells resemble arcane spells, but they are nevertheless normally classed as divine spellcasters. This feat allows an Adept (or any class which offers Adept spellcasting progression, such as the Theology advanced study option of the Sage prestige class) to study this form of magic on an "intellectual" rather than a "spiritual" basis, transforming him/her into an arcane caster. The relevant casting attribute changes from Wisdom to Intelligence, and the Arcane Adept learns and prepares spells like a Wizard does, maintaining a spellbook. The Arcane Adept becomes eligible to take feats and prestige classes normally reserved for arcane casters only. A Master Arcanist can gain access to the Adept spell list by taking one level of Arcane Adept. The feat can also be of benefit to characters who never take a level of Adept: the character's ability to treat Adept spells as arcane has implications for spells such as limited wish, and for any arcane prestige class abilities that give access to spells from other arcane classes. The Arcane Adept loses the ability to qualify for divine-only feats and prestige classes (though he/she retains the ability to cast Adept spells from divine scrolls, and can copy them into his/her arcane spellbook). Other special abilities based on the specific nature and origin of a divine Adept's magic are lost too, such as the Skraal "place-magic" ability.
Special: This feat is normally taken on or before the character's first level of Adept spellcasting ability. If the character already has one or more Adept levels, the Arcane Adept must begin his/her studies anew, multiclassing between the two varieties of Adept.

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