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Arcana Infused

Prerequisites: The ability to cast at least one spell
Your blood flows with an abundance of magical energy, allowing you to access a well of magical power.

  • After each long rest roll 1d4, you then gain a temporary spell slot of equal value to the number rolled for that day. If a 4 is rolled you may reroll that die adding an extra 1d4 and instead gain a temporary spell slot equal to the combine values on the dice (Any 4 on the extra roll is counted as nothing).
  • After each short rest you can regain a combination of spell slots equal to your spellcasting ability modifier (Minimum of 0)

(For example; a wizard with an intelligence modifier of +3 can regain either 1 third level spell, 1 second level spell and 1 first level spell, or 3 first level spells)

You may not gain a spell slot with this ability that you would not normally be able to cast otherwise

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