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Price per dose: 15 gold per dose on the market, but can be made much cheaper.
Type: Ingested or Injury

Anti-Antidote is rudimentary poison formed from leftover medicines and drugs, more commonly known as Overdosin. It often tastes bitter or tart, and has an earthy, herbal aroma. It most commonly takes the form of a creamy, white paste similar in appearance to common table cream. Commonly made by quacks or rogue Plague Doctors, this poison is often applied through bitter teas or poison darts in order to mask the taste. The most common components that are used in modern Anti-Antidotes are Penicillin, Hallucinogenic drugs such as Thornjuice, Alcohol, or expired Antivenom. Anti-Antidote uses a DC 12 constitution saving throw, and can be identified with a DC 13 wisdom (Medicine) check. A lethal dose is 12 grams. The poison works in stages, each requiring a save to avoid. Anti-Antidote can be cured with a successful save or by a Lesser Restoration cast with a 4th level slot or higher.

Stage 1 This occurs within 1 Hour of consuming this poison. The patient may experience Hallucinations or Headaches (2d4 Psychic damage at the end of each of the patient's turns), along with Nausea (poisoned condition) and Vomiting (Unable to use Bonus Actions, as they spend them reeling).

Stage 2 This occurs within 1 Day of consuming this poison, or 23 Hours after Stage 1. The patient's Hallucinations become much more severe (Psychic damage dealt boosts to 2d6), and they may start to become lethargic (Speed reduced by 5).

Stage 3 This occurs within 1 Week of consuming this poison, or 6 Days after Stage 2. The patient now suffers a form of the blinded condition, as their hallucinations cloud their vision. Additionally, they must make a DC 15 Constitution save at the start of each round or take 3d8 Poison damage.

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