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Angelic Shape

Prerequisites: Come into contact with at least 1 Fiend or Celestial Creature, or be a Fiend or Celestial
You gain the ability to turn into a Celestial or Fiend for short periods of time. This feature uses Wild Shape rules for Druid, with the following changes.

You can become a Fiend or Celestial with the same CR/Level changes as provided by the Moon Druid. If you are a Fiend or Celestial, you may only become the appropriate creature type. If you are a Fiend or Celestial Treat your level as twice as high when determining the Max CR of the creature, and do not divide by 3, in addition you retain all class features and the ability to cast spells and use items in this form so long as the form is physically capable of doing so. Otherwise follow all rules under Wild Shape for the Druid class substituting your Character Level for Druid level where appropriate. If you have Wild Shape from the Druid, this feature can be used an additional number of times equal to that feature's uses, and is able to be used with features that class gains. For example, at Druid level 20, this feature would be usable with the Archdruid feature.

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