Amputee (3.5e Flaw)

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You are missing a limb.
Prerequisite: Your race must have a functional version of the selected limb.
Effect: You suffer the following penalties depending on the type of missing limb:
  • Arm: The character cannot use ranged weapons that require two hands or two-handed weapons. All checks and activities that rely on using two hands (such as use rope, handle animal, or similar) take a -6.
  • Leg: The character cannot gain the benefits of special boots or leggings. All checks and activities that rely on using two legs (such as balance, climb) take a -6.
Roleplaying Ideas: Was the limb lost for some reason after birth (possibly during game-play), or was the character born without it? Is the limb actually missing, or does it still hang limply from the characters body?

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