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Altered Form Familiarity [Monstrous, Skill]

You have spent enough time in your Alternate form(s) that you have become as accustomed to it/them as you have your monstrous form.
Prerequisite: Alternate Form ability
Benefit: Each +5 your monstrous form has in a skill adds +1 to the same skill in your alternate form(s), and vice versa. In addition, you receive +10 to all oratory skills (Diplomacy, Bluff, Intimidate) when dealing with non-monsters.
Special: When used in conjunction with Favorite Form, the bonuses to Diplomacy and Bluff increase by an additional +10 (+20 total) when dealing with those of the same "race" as your favorite form. Any humanoid character that was turned into a monster (by magic or something else) is considered to automatically have this feat.

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