Aloota's Man-portable Ballista

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medium object heavy 65 pounds

Armor Class: 12

Hit Points: 25

Damage immunities: poison, psychic

Cost: 160 gp

ammo cost:10 gp per bolt

Like the crossbow,except bigger and mounted on a tripod stand.

portable ballista shot: Ranged Weapon Attack: +4 to hit, range 100/250 ft, one target. Hit: 22 (2d12+6) piercing damage.

Before it can be fired, it must be constructed and it must be loaded and aimed. It takes one action to load the weapon, one action to aim it, one action to fire it,and one action to construct it.

this portable ballista is a collapsible ballista that can go on one's back 2.5 feet when collapsed and tripod stand thats 3 ft per leg at fully built length it is 5 ft long and frame is 1.5ft by 1ft throwing arm is 4.5ft bolts are 4 ft.

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