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This kit of alchemical reagants is used to test the properties of items and objects you might find in a dungeon.

It includes three spoons, lead, silver, and aluminum, nine glass vials; two are empty, the other seven are filled with filled with Purple Flan (a living slime not dissimilar to slime molds and ochre jelly), gold dust, mummy dust, granite dust, residuum (without it the kit is worth 10 gp), acid, and ammonia.

If you have proficiency with an alchemical reagant set, you can use an action, to pour a portion of a vial (each having enough for three doses) on a targeted item to determine its properties.

  • Purple Flan reacts to magical items, seeming to boil when touching a non-cursed one but withering away upon touching a cursed one. It will consume small amounts of potion and be subject to its effects.
  • Residuum reacts to magic in general, being attracted to already cast spells and to enchanted items.
  • Gold dust is unreactive in general, and is generally used to detect the presence of negative magical effects, as it will only corrode in their presence.
  • Mummy dust evaporates into smoke when exposed to positive energy, and seems to grow upon exposure to negative energy.
  • Granite Dust is attracted to oil and wet surfaces and can be used to dust for fingerprints or detect moisture.
  • Acid and ammonia are used to test the general pH of materials.

Cost: 40 gp
Weight: 3 lb

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