Age of Darkness (Second Epoch)

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Time of War[edit]

In the power vacuum left by the great war, rose seven terrifying warlocks and warlords, who continually battled each other. Each of the seven warlocks and warlords, kill the occupying Dragon, each held the title of Dragon Slayer. In killing the Dragon, the Dragon Slayer gained the popular support of the oppressed people and were given Lordship-Judgeship Of The Land.

The death-plague killed off more than 70% of all life and left the dead in a roaming undead state for centuries. The races spent their time fighting the legions of undead and were too busy to fight each other or other evil monsters.

3349 DY Sestos the Tiefling kills Krom'grath, the Red Dragon

3364 DY Leander the Dragonborn kills Draek'kawk'shae, the Black Dragon

3383 DY Oeneus the Elf kills Marck'sos'hot, the Red Dagon

3387 DY Ceto the Elf kills Kore'ash'core, the Green Dragon

3402 DY Anakes the Tiefling kills Quiz'moh'ron, the Red Dragon

3406 DY Ploath'rath'grate, the Blue Dragon

3415 DY Notus the Dwarf kills Rym'throo, the Green Dragon

3438 DY Merope the Human kills Shacc'ash'kore, the Black Dragon

3446 DY Lord-Judge Sestos the Dragon Killer dies

3449 DY Lord-Judge Leander the Dragon Killer dies

3481 DY Lord-Judge Merope the Dragon Killer dies

3510 DY Ashk'dod'more, the Red Dragon retreats underground and is not heard from again

3515 DY Lord-Judge Anakes the Dragon Killer dies

3535 DY Death-plague kills all the people of the city of Akhmim

3540 DY The city of Datia destroyed by the Death-plague

3554 DY Lord-Judge Notus the Dragon Killer dies by the Death-plague

3577 DY The city of Mizapur destroyed by the Death-plague

3590 DY Lord-Judge Oeneus the Dragon Killer dies

3608 DY The city of Bavar destroyed by the Death-plague

3631 DY Lord-Judge Ceto the Dragon Killer dies, the last of the Warlock/Warlords' Lord-Judges

3672 DY Undead legions of Death-plague victims walk the land attacking villages (3672-4400 "Undead War")

3704 DY The city of Bonwolf destroyed by the Death-plague

3740 DY The city of Encer is the last population destroyed by the Death-plague (3535-3740 "The Plague Generations kill off 70% of the population)

4400 DY The last of the Death-plague Undead legions are defeated in the Theaven Forest

Descending Darkness[edit]

As the undead are eliminated, Goblins, Orcs, Lizardfolk, Giants ... have dramatically increased and spread out taking over great amounts of territory and begin building warring kingdoms, monuments, and underground complexes. The elves and dwarves organize and fight the kingdoms of evil monsters. It is here that the Drow emerge and fight against elves and dwarves.

3742 DY Glad'grab Strong-arm united the Goblins tribes of bone mask, boned nose, gold bone, broken bone, and the mountain under his Mighty Chieftain of Bone Mountain

3750 DY Goblin's Bone Mountain begin killing Orc tribes

3755 DY Ourk'blade Skull united the Orc tribes one eye, red armor, horse eaters, skull, and white mountain against the Goblins

3880 DY Hob'stone Onehand unites the Goblin tribes of white skull, two teeth, and giant yellow

3912 DY Ourk'head Redhaired unites the Orcs tribes of big arm, sky mountain, killer axe, and wet ones

3944 DY Lishbreath unite the Lizardfolk tribes of green, moss, giant, strong step, and bone mask

4027 DY Thishgreen unite the Lizardfolk tribes of long snake, big snake, and two headed snake

4391DY Ascendency of Trouble to the status of Demigod of Chaos

4400 DY The last of the Death-plague Undead legions are defeated in the Theaven Forest

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