Adventures and Tables (Raesokera Supplement)

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Work In Progress

Personal GM notes for campaign plot without too much spoiling. Players should turn away now, anyway.

Why did the gods give a portion of their power to some sentient mortal beasts all on this one planet? Why is the weave so unstable here? (An artifact in the ruins of an ancient a floating city from another world and a horribly failed ritual) Why is every deity, including powerful elder gods, paying so much attention to Raesokera? Why does everyone with a strong tie to the weave (all spellcasters, basically) hear the same music in their dreams or when detecting strong magic? If the world is practically tearing itself apart with drifting planar rifts, scars, and wild magic, what's holding it together? Why does every corpse that isn't consecrated or cremated rise and wander off without attacking anyone? Why do they sometimes hum or sing?

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