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an administrator picks her battles, usually choosing to fight in none of them, instead using nine different Forms to fight on her behalf. these forms have different names, "the Mercs", "the OWs", "vault hunters", and come from different realms, only being summoned for short amounts of time.

<!-Introduction Leader->[edit]

an elven cleric, halfling sorcerer, and human monk are backed into a corner, a small village of goblins surrounding them, when a fat human with a magic tube comes in and mows them down with energy bolts in but a few seconds, with information from an unarmed dwarf, a mere twenty feet away. an army surrounds a tiefling with naught but a shortsword to protect themselves, as the units close in on them, they turn into a raging gorilla with futuristic armor, and eliminates all of them, leaving but a few to be shocked with his lightning stick. a human with strange markings on their body blocks the ax of a minotaur when the beast is contained in a ball for but a few seconds, allowing the human to flee the scene === Creating an Administrator

how does your character channel the units, whether they're internal or external? is it a curse, an enchantment? why does your character fight? for money? love? money? justice? money? rare and interesting artifacts? money?

Quick Build

You can make an administrator quickly by following these suggestions. First, wisdom should be your highest ability score, followed by anything but charisma or wisdom. Second, choose any background.

Class Features

As a Administrator you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d4 per Administrator level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 1d4 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d4 (or 3) + Constitution modifier per Administrator level after 1st


Armor: none
Weapons: none
Tools: navigator's tools
Saving Throws: intellegence
Skills: none


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) shortsword or (b) crossbow
  • leather armour

Table: The Administrator

Level Proficiency
1st +2 band of misfits, first unit
2nd +2
3rd +2 second unit
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement
5th +3 third unit
6th +3
7th +3 fourth unit
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement
9th +4 fifth unit
10th +4 misfitted bonus
11th +4 sixth unit
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement
13th +5 seventh unit
14th +5
15th +5 eighth unit
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement
17th +6 ninth unit
18th +6
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 misfitted bonus

Band of Misfits[edit]

at 1st level, Administrators pick a group of heroes they can call upon for assistance in combat.

The Mercs

the Mercs are a separate unit from the Administrator but act on the Administrator's order. they use sets of three guns which can be swapped between. they deal your proficiency bonus with these weapons. they can not use anything but these weapons. swapping weapons is a free action.

the OWs

the OWs are forms that the Administrator can take, which affect her ability scores and give her a few skills, as well as one or two weapons. swapping between weapons is a reaction.

Vault Hunters

the Vault Hunters are spirits which can take over the Administrator's body, giving them abilities and changing their race.

Ability Score Increase[edit]

When you reach 4th level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can't increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.


you can select one unit of your choice (from your chosen type) at 1st, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th, 11th, 13th, 15th, and 17th level unless otherwise stated.

the Mercs[edit]

mercs are a small bunch but are the most durable. they can be swapped out as a free action, and damage does not carry over between mercs.

Pets for All!

at tenth level, every merc gets a bonus effect. Scout: can retrieve an item up to 15 feet away, takes a round per 5 feet. Soldier: improves the attack rolls of allies within 10 feet by 1d3, OR every 5 rounds, a chosen target within 5 feet gains rage towards the mercs and confusion for 1d3 rounds Pyro: causes enemies hit by the pyro's ax to enter pyroland, a magical place where everything is happy! (causes deliberate damage to themselves and your target) for 1d3 rounds Demoman: can rearrange the fire orbs without having to detonate them. Knight: causes fear towards the mercs for all units within 10 feet at the end of a charge for 1d3 rounds Heavy: every 1d6 rounds, heals the heavy for 1/3 of his health each round for 3 rounds, but he can not take any other action Engineer: allows the Engineer to target a unit. a target can be fired at as long as they are in the range of the sentry, otherwise, they are still fired at, but it's an Intelligence check (DC 15) if they are hit. alternatively, they donĀ“t have to end their turn on the teleporter entrance to teleport and they are the dispensers target. medic: increases the self-heal to match the target heal Sniper: can deploy an alarm spell OR can camouflage, even in light rain or foliage. Spy: can disguise an ally or enemy within a 5-foot range as well.

10th class

at 20th level, chose the tenth class

SAXTON HALE: deals heavy single target damage, has tons of health, moves quickly, can only be out for a limited time, can't gain advantages from INT STR: 10+modifer CON: 10+modifer SPD: 10+modifer DEX: 4+modifer INT: 5 WIS: 3 CHA: 10 Rage: when deploying Hale, he stuns all enemies for 2 roundss. Very busy: once deployed, can only be redeployed after a long rest, and switches to the last merc deployed after 5 minutes. OR Guard Dog: rely on primal instincts, but rely on primal instincts. STR: 8+modifer CON: 5+modifer SPD: 9+modifer DEX: 0 (no hands, but no need to aim.) INT: 3+modifer WIS: 2+INT modifier CHA: 10+INT modifier Twin fire orb: deals 2d3, with a range of 25 feet Item box: can hold a box of supplies, which is formed by the twin fire orbs rocket belt: charges forward 15 feet, deals 1d8 on contact. tracking: you can smell an item as a free action, and then track the last person who held the item. Deadliest Duckling: +5 charisma, can't hide.

The Mercs

the mercs come into this realm as a separate unit. switching mercs is a free action. when mercs are switched, the damage taken remains on the merc who took it. when mercs die, they are deployable after a long rest, with the exception of Saxton Hale, who if he somehow dies, takes a full week before he can be deployed again. mercs can only use the equipment they come with. non-armor phases through and armor is just cosmetic. mercs have no mental link to the administrator, so if she can't communicate normally, the mercs act on their own BONUS: if the DM allows, the Demoman and Knight are the same merc, sharing damage, and unlocking at the same time. if this is the case, the Knight becomes the Demoknight. Scout: quick, with strong weapons at close range, but low health. STR: 3+modifer CON: 2+modifer SPD: 9+modifer DEX: 5+modifer INT: 3+modifer WIS: 1+INT modifier CHA: 8+INT modifier Scattergun: deals 1d8 in the first square of a 10-foot cone, and 1d3 in the next 3. pistol: deals 1-4d3, with a range of 30 feet. holds a clip of 20, and max ammo of 60. has a clip of 6 and a max ammo of 20 bat: deals 3d3, melee range Double Jump: can move over a unit of one larger size as a reaction during a movement. this can be done 1d3 times each movement

Soldier: deals high area damage, but his strongest ability can backfire if positioned poorly. STR: 6+modifer CON: 7+modifer SPD: 4+modifer DEX: 3+modifer INT: 1+modifer WIS: 1+INT modifier CHA: 5+INT modifier rocket launcher: deals 1d8 damage in the center of a 15-foot radius, 1d4 on the outside, with a range of 30 feet every minute, and can hurt you if you're caught in it. holds a clip of four, and 30 max ammo. can be used to rocket jump, which deals the damage, acts as double jump does, as well as doing the aoe damage. it takes 1 ammo, and deals half-damage to you. shotgun: deals 1d6 to a single target in 5 feet, deals 1d3 to every target in the next 5 feet over. holds a clip of 6, and a max ammo of 12 shovel: deals 2d6, melee range

Pyro: deals damage over time, is immune to fire, but is completely delusional. STR: 4+modifer CON: 6+modifer SPD: 7+modifer DEX: 1+modifer INT: 1d5+modifer WIS: 1d5+INT modifer CHA: 8+INT modifer, with -2 disadvantage on friendly CHA rolls. flamethrower: covers 10 feet, deals 5d3, and 1d3 every turn for 1d3 rounds. axe: deals 1d6 damage, melee range Rubbersuit: immune to any conditions related to fire

Demoman: constant defensive AoE damage, but can harm itself STR: 5+modifer CON: 8+modifer SPD: 3+modifer DEX: 6+modifer INT: 2+modifer WIS: 1+INT modifier CHA: 7+INT modifier grenade launcher: deals 1d8 in a 10-foot radius, bounces off floors and walls. holds a clip of 4, with a max ammo of 20 sticky bomb launcher: can shoot out 8 sticky bombs, which deal 1d6 to everything within a five-foot radius of each bomb, stacking. all 8 can be put in the same space. these can be detonated as a reaction, when an enemy goes into their radius, or when the demo walks over them to travel a long distance. like the rocket launcher, this can hurt the user, however, they deal full damage. bottle: deals 1d8, melee range

Knight: high health and damage, but only melee. STR: 5+modifer CON: 8+modifer SPD: 3+modifer DEX: 6+modifer INT: 2+modifer WIS: 1+INT modifier CHA: 7+INT modifier boots: +1 agility and constitution shield: can charge 6 squares, and can move over 1 space at the 4th space on the line. this can happen once every 3 rounds, lowered by a round on an elimination. if this or the boots are lost, there's a -1 to agility. sword: on an elimination, gain a +1 to agility and constitution. this has a reach of 10 feet and deals 1d8 damage.

Heavy Weapons Specialist: strong, buff, but slow. STR: 10+modifer CON: 10+modifer SPD: 1+modifer DEX: 2+modifer INT: 2+modifer WIS: 6+INT modifier CHA: 5+INT modifier, with +4 advantage on friendly rolls minigun: needs to be spun up to fire, but can spin up in advance. deals 6d3 with a range of 20 feet, gradually widening to 15 feet across fists: deals 1d10, but you can choose between your hands.

Engineer: build helpful constructs, dealing lots of damage after a while, heals and resupplies tons, and improves positioning, is very weak themselves. STR: 4+modifer CON: 3+modifer SPD: 5+modifer DEX: 6+modifer INT: 10+modifer WIS: 8+INT modifer CHA: 7+INT modifer Wrench: can upgrade the constructs or repair them. each hit to upgrade costs 25 metal, and each hit to repair costs 1-30 metal, and heals equivilanlty. construction: builds things

   Sentry: shoots things in a radius, 130 metal
       level 1: 2d3, 20 feet
       level 2: 5d3, 40 feet
       level 3: 5d3, 1d8 in a 15-foot radius which takes 2 minutes to go the full distance, but doesn't stop, 60 feet
   Dispenser: heals and recharges spell slots to allies in a 10-foot radius, 100 metal
       level 1: 1 level 0, 1d3 health per few seconds
       level 2: 2 level 0, or 1 level 1, 2d3
       level 3: 3 level 0, 2 level 1, 1 level 2, 3d3
   Teleporter entrance: teleports, takes time to charge, 50 metal
       level 1: 3 minutes
       level 2: 2 minutes
       level 3: 1 minute
   teleporter exit: teleports, upgrades and repairs (assuming health is missing) the entrance instead, 50 metal

deconstruction: deconstructs buildings to earn back their metal

       level 1: 50 metal
       level 2: 75 metal
       level 3: 100 metal
       level 1: 25 metal
       level 2: 50 metal
       level 3: 75 metal
   teleporters: 25 metal

a lot of the engineer's things cost metal. metal is considered 1:1 with silver, (you can get metal from silver as a free action, but you can't turn it back.) and an administrator can hold 200 at any point lunchboxes: can carry up to 3 buildings after having them retract for 1d3 minutes, each requiring a certain strength stat, or slowing for the excess. allies can also carry them. sentry level 1: 2 strength level 2: 4 strength level 3: 6 strength dispencer level 1: 1 strength level 2: 2 strength level 3: 6 strength teleporters: 3 strength contract end: if the engineer is changed from, the buildings are retracted as well.

Medic: can heal a single target very quickly, can give an ally temporary health, is usually the target. STR: 2+modifer CON: 4+modifer SPD: 8+modifer DEX: 10+modifer INT: 9+modifer WIS: 8+INT modifier CHA: 2+INT modifier syringe launcher: deals 6d6 with a range of three, or a single space up to 45 feet away, but that takes a few seconds medigun: heals for 3d6 every round, after healing for 100,000 health, can be activated to gain invincibility for a minute. can heal up to 20% more health than the meat shield has as temporary health, which deteriorates for 1d3 every round. bonus healing only counts half for overheal. Bonesaw: deals 1d3 Medipack: heals 1d3 to self every few seconds

sniper: high damage at long range, kind of garbage at short range. STR: 1+modifer CON: 1+modifer SPD: 5+modifer DEX: 10+modifer INT: 6+modifer WIS: 5+INT modifer CHA: 4+INT modifer sniper rifle: deals 1d8 at a range of 50 feet

   aim: can be aimed. every turn you aim for (for the first three) increases the die count by 1 (1d8, 2d8, 3d8, 4d8).
   headshot: a nat 20 on the dexterity check is a one-hit kill.

SMG: 3d3, holds a clip of 30, and a max ammo of 120 Kukri: 1d3

Spy: has disguises and invisibility to trick the enemy, but you better hope you aren't caught. STR: 3+modifer CON: 2+modifer SPD: 8+modifer DEX: 10+modifer INT: 7+modifer WIS: 7+INT modifier CHA: 5+INT modifier revolver: deals 1d3, holds a clip of 6, with a max ammo of 20 sapper: slap this bad boy on somebody, and they won't be able to cast spells. placing this on a construct or other mostly or entirely magic entity will stop it from taking action, but not kill it. Knife: as a reaction, when an enemy turns their back to you, you can stab them in the back for an instant kill. deals 1d3 damage. Disguise kit: choose a humanoid target, and the spy will appear as them. appear as. rune: turns you invisible for up to 3 turns, but you can only move and disguise. this takes 1 turn to charge

the OWs[edit]

(PSST! this is where I technically stop for now. I had the mercs written as their own class and basically did a copy-paste from the.TXT however, I do have ideas. in hindsight, I should have put this in the discussion session, but I don't know how to alert you to the discussion page.)

the OWs are the largest group, but the least individually adaptable.


<!-Class feature game rule information->


definitely where the ults should go.

list of ults goes here.

the OW's

the OWs come into this realm willingly possessed by the administrator the OWs give temporary hitpoints which drain by 10 every round. once the administrator is out of temporary hitpoints OWs are released as a reaction when an OW runs out, one can be deployed again after a short rest, and all of them can be deployed after a long rest. when an OW is retracted, they are considered used. OWs cannot use gear other than their own, anything that is not theirs phases through them. list of overwatch characters and how their weapons and abilities should work.

Vault Hunters[edit]

(i have a problem here. I only own Borderlands 2 and it's DLC. I really should have thought that one out. oh well.) Vault Hunters change the administrator's race and give her racial bonuses that don't have to do with the guns. except for Zero's sniper rifles. those go to longbows, assuming guns aren't in the campaign.

{{#anc;hog wild}}

I don't know, but something having to do with the chaos of the Vault Hunters


same idea as the OWs, but with a shorter charge and generally weaker skills.

Vault Hunters

the Vault Hunters are allowed into this realm by possessing the administrator the Vault Hunters remove racial skills when they are active. the Vault Hunters give racial skills when they are active. Vault Hunters are contained at the start of a battle. you take the damage of the vault hunter when a vault hunter is released, they can be used again whenever. Vault HUnters can use gear.


Prerequisites. To qualify for multiclassing into the administrator class, you must meet these prerequisites: have a character. hate having opportunities to use your base class. Proficiencies. When you multiclass into the administrator class, you gain absolutely nothing.

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