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Skraal Adept Substitution Levels[edit]

Note: Only pureblood Skraal are eligible for these, not Half-Skraal. All Skraal Adept racial substitution levels are based on the assumption that the Adept is a divine caster: if the character has taken the Arcane Adept feat, arcane levels will not be eligible for these changes. Skraal Adepts are comparable to Clerics in Skraal culture: they already gain significant extra abilities ("place magic" and access to both the Adept and the Ranger spell tables), but Skraal characters who choose to advance as actual Adepts (rather than switching to a prestige class) can gain further upgrades.

1st level: A Skraal character may choose to forfeit the right to gain a familiar as an Adept, and Adept levels will not normally count towards familiar advancement. Instead, all current and future levels of Adept are upgraded to the hitdice, Base Attack Bonus and saving throws of a Cleric.

5th level: From this level onwards, a Skraal Adept can prepare and cast one additional spell per day for each spell level he/she can cast, eventually gaining an extra 0th, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th level spell per day (even if he/she does not continue as an actual Adept beyond 5th level, but switches to a prestige class).

8th level: A Skraal Adept gains access to Create Food and Water and Dispel Magic as 3rd level Adept spells.

10th level: From this level onwards, a Skraal Adept can turn undead as a Cleric of 9 levels lower.

17th and 20th level: At each of these levels, a Skraal Adept gains one use of the (normally Epic) Improved Spell Capacity feat, gaining a 6th level and a 7th level spell slot respectively (possibly higher, if he/she has already reached Epic levels and taken this feat before), plus appropriate Wisdom bonus.

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