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Things used to be so simple, so clear … so black and white. When did the world become so gray?
—Dick Grayson, Nightwing
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DC Universe
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The DC Universe[edit]

The DC Universe was originally inspired by the comics of the DC Company. The world is your standard basic D20 Modern setting yet one that acknowledges the existence of superheroes and villains.

Project Goals[edit]

The goals of this world are:

  • Collaboratively create a fully-developed, vibrant and living world.
  • Add elements to this world that spur the creativity of others.
  • Apply new world ideas to existing creations, giving them new life and new interpretations.
  • Create a fun world that DMs want to use and players want to play in.
  • Create a world that is easy for anyone to add onto.

Incorporating Copyrighted and Trademarked Material[edit]

Many things you read here are wholly owned by DC Comics, of which D&Dwiki, its users, and the text here are not affiliated with.

We can incorporate Open Game Content. Those pages will be marked as Open Game Content and locked once they are posted. Open Game Content may contain non-open material, such as names, locations, and trademarked material. We believe that the license section of a published OGL work gives us sufficient editorial rights to remove these restricted items from this content or to alter these items to avoid infringement. We also believe that we have sufficient rights to alter this material to match the most recent d20 rules set.

Using DC Material[edit]

In your own campaign, where it makes sense, you should certainly use or adapt DC material. There is no "right" way to implement a DC Universe setting game.

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