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Intermediate Deity
Home Plane: The Feywild
Alignment: Lawful Good
Portfolio: Halflings, Farming, Curiousity and Luck.
Clergy Alignments: Lawful Good or Neutral Good.
Domains: Good, Healing, Law, Healing, Plant, Luck and Protection.
Favored Weapon: Short Sword
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Aëlan is the goddess of the halflings. She loves them dearly and uses her powers to protect them and their quiet homeland. She often councils the other elder powers to council their followers to defend the halfling homeland from the stray orc invasions that occasionally threaten to overrun the halfling homelands. She is particularly fearful for the few halflings that take up the adventurer's path (no matter how reluctantly), and carefully watches over halfling adventurers to make sure that they survive.


Aëlan teaches the halflings who follow her how to prosper, teaching them many secrets of the land. She teaches the more adventurous halflings to be careful but also inquisitive. She teaches them that she will watch over them, though that does not mean that they are protected against all danger.

Clergy and Temples[edit]

Aëlan's clergy are few in number, and most are halflings. Her halfling clerics dress simulaly to others of the halfling race, and their garb differs only from their farming brethren in that they always wear a holy symbol of Aëlan around their neck. Her halfling clerics offer guidance to halflings in need and use their magics to aid the growth of crops. Even though she is one of the elder powers, and thus of the elven pantheon, she has very few elven clerics, and is usually worshipped alongside Aëlalás.

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