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Link to Druid Spell List[edit]

It's a minor improvement, but why not add a link to the druid spell list somewhere on this page? It could be a simple inline link, perhaps in the sentence, "You prepare the list of druid spells that are available for you to cast, choosing from the druid spell list"?

If so, the same could of course be done for 5e SRD:Wizard, 5e SRD:Cleric, 5e SRD:Bard, 5e SRD:Sorcerer, 5e SRD:Warlock, 5e SRD:Paladin, and 5e SRD:Ranger. --Guy (talk) 23:22, 24 February 2017 (MST)

Moon Druid[edit]

no moon druid info

Dear - the Circle of the Moon druid archetype is not available in System Reference Document due to copyright issues. If you want the data, you buy a copy of Player's Handbook. --WeirdoWhoever (talk) 07:41, 24 February 2017 (MST)
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