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Pokemon Trainer[edit]

All people start as a Pokemon Trainer, this is the most basic class out there, however once you get a feel for Pokemon, you may choose another class later on.

This is the most basic occupation out there. At the age of ten years old, children are allowed to obtain their Trainer’s Licenses and begin training their own Pokemon. Pokemon Trainers seek to capture and help their Pokemon grow stronger through battle and other means of Training. These individuals value strength and determination. Being a Pokemon Trainer often opens up paths to many other occupations as time marches on.

Feature: Basic Start

Gym Leader[edit]

Requires: Gym Leader Feat Pokemon Trainers who have proven their worth in a Pokemon League may have the opportunity to become a Gym Leader. These individuals have a very narrow and focused view on Pokemon training, which they exemplify through their training techniques and battle style. Gyms often have a specific theme, be it a specific type or some other common trend. Gym Leaders are extremely talented and strong, and are often very wise as well.

Feature: Income Increase Increased income for battling opponents in chosen city. (Income increase is decided by DM)


Requires: Ranger Feat Pokemon Rangers are a select group of individuals who work tirelessly to protect Pokemon in the wild from Poachers or others that would wrongly do them harm. Pokemon Rangers have a single Pokemon partner and the ability to befriend nearly any Pokemon in the wild with proper training. However, after asking for the aid of wild Pokemon, Rangers will always allow those Pokemon to return to their naturally wild state.


Requires: Breeder Feat Pokemon breeders are those individuals who look to produce and raise the Pokemon with the absolute best potential. They work to create Pokemon with beautiful coats, intense power, and even special moves. Pokemon breeders have an understanding of Pokemon that goes much deeper than that of an average trainer. They don’t focus on a few Pokemon to make stronger, but instead desire a deep knowledge of Pokemon, sometimes a select few and sometimes as many as possible. Breeders understand the quirks of Pokemon better than anyone else.

Specialty Trainer[edit]

Requires Specialist Feat Pokemon Specialty Trainers focus on one Type of pokemon. They learn all of their strengths and weaknesses. They train their pokemon very hard to overcome their shortcomings and improve on their strengths. Specialty trainers have a knack for beating super-effective type opponents.


Requires: Coordinator Feat Pokemon Coordinators focus on Pokemon contests. Like Trainers, they work with a selected team of Pokemon and also want their Pokemon to be strong, but instead of focusing on conquering as many opponents as they can through their strength, Coordinators want their Pokemon to look especially good while battling. A Pokemon contest becomes almost like a magnificent dance, and good Coordinators work seamlessly with their Pokemon in a very pleasing-to-watch manner.


Requires: Nutritionist Feat "Pokemon Nutritionists focus on creating supplements and foods for Pokemon to provide them with the best nutrition possible. They create supplements like Proteins and Carbos for Pokemon, as well as other sorts of nutritional foods. Some Pokemon Nutritionists work solely on making Poffins or Pokeblocks, while others focus on creating unique recipes of food for each species of Pokemon. (You wouldn’t want to feed your Butterfree the same food as your Cranidos, after all.)"

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