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Multiclass Feats
These are available to a character of any level who meets the prerequisites.
Name Prerequisite(s) Description
Chaos Meditator Wis 13 Elementalist: skill training, Power of the Elements 1/encounter
Creature of the Thirst You have the vampirism affliction Mutlticlass vampirism using the vampirism variant rule
Dhampir Dexterity 13 Multiclass Vampire: Skill training, Child of the Night
King of the Jungle Str 15, Cha 13 Multiclass Lioneer: Skill training, roar of the jungle king 1/day.
Postulant Poisoner Dexterity 13 Multiclass Executioner: Skill training, poison use.
Predator of the Wild Str 15, Dex 13 Multiclass Lioneer: Skill training, lion's pelt 1/encounter.
Soldier of Shadow Strength 13, Charisma 13 Multiclass Blackguard: Skill training, shroud of shadow 1/day.
Student of the death Intelligence 13, Charisma 13 You have learned to animate dead and control them.
Warrior of Wrath Strength 13, Dexterity 13 Multiclass slayer: Skill training, bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls 1/encounter
Whelp-Blooded Iejirisk, 4th level
Wyrm-Blooded Iejirisk, 8th level
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