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Partial Actions

As a general rule, a character can do as much with a partial actions as a character could with a standard action minus a move. Typically, a character may take a 5-foot step as part of a partial action.

Start Full-Round Action

The start full-round action partial action lets a character start undertaking a miscellaneous full-round action, which the character can complete on the following round (even with a partial action). This option is normally used when a character has been magically slowed or is suffering some other condition that restricts the character from taking full round action.

Table:Partial Actions
Partial Actions Move Attack of Opportunity*
Attack Partial Actions
Attack (melee) 5-ft. step No
Attack (ranged) 5-ft. step Yes
Attack (unarmed) 5-ft. step Maybe
Partial charge Yes (special)** No
Movement-Only Partial Actions
Single move Yes No
Partial run X2 Yes
Miscellaneous Partial
Actions*** 5-ft. step Maybe
Magic Partial Actions
Cast a spell**** 5-ft. step Yes
Activate magic item 5-ft. step Maybe
Use special ability* 5-ft. step Maybe
Concentrate to maintain a spell 5-ft. step No
Dismiss a spell 5-ft. step No
Special Partial Action
Start full-round action No Maybe

*Regardless of the action, if a character moves within or out of a threatened area, a character usually provokes an attack of opportunity. This column indicates whether the action itself (not the moving) provokes an [[3e SRD:Attacks of Opportunity|.

**A character must move in a straight line before attacking and must move at least 10 feet.

***Those actions defined as standard or move-equivalent actions. Most allow a 5-foot step, though actions that are variant charge actions follow the move for partial charge.

****Unless doing so is a full-round action, in which case a character could start a full-round action and then finish it the next round with a cast a spell action. Spells that take longer than 1 full round to cast take twice as long to cast.

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