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Favorable and Unfavorable Conditions

Use these adjustments whenever a character is making a melee, ranged, full, or other type of attack action.

Table: Attack Roll Modifiers
Circumstance Melee Ranged
Attacker flanking defender* +2
Attacker on higher ground +1 +0
Attacker prone -4 **
Attacker invisible +2*** +2***
Defender sitting or kneeling +2 -2
Defender prone +4 -4
Defender stunned, cowering, or off balance +2*** +2***
Defender climbing (cannot use shield) +2*** +2***
Defender surprised or flat-footed +0*** +0***
Defender running +0*** -2***
Defender grappling (attacker not) +0*** +0****
Defender pinned +4*** -4***
Defender has cover See Cover See Cover
Defender concealed or invisible See Concealment See Concealment
Defender helpless See Helpless Defenders See Helpless Defenders

*A character flanks a defender when the character has an ally on the opposite side of the defender and that ally threatens the defender

**Most ranged weapons can't be used while the attacker is prone, but a character can use a crossbow while prone.

***The defender loses any Dexterity bonus to AC.

****Roll randomly to see which grappling character is struck when an attack is made against two or more grappling characters. The character attacked also loses any Dexterity bonus to AC.

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