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Concealment includes all circumstances where nothing physically blocks a blow or shot but where something interferes with an attacker's accuracy.

Table: Concealment
Concealment Example Miss Chance
One-Quarter Light fog; moderate darkness; light foliage 10%
One-Half Dense fog at 5ft. 20%
Three-quarters Dense foliage 30%
Nine-tenths Near total darkness 40%
Total Attacker blind; target invisible; total darkness; dense fog at 10 ft. 50%

Concealment is subjectively measured as to how well concealed the defender is. Concealment always depends on the point of view of the attacker.

Concealment Miss Chance

Concealment gives the subject of a successful attack a chance that the attacker missed because of the concealment. If the attacker hits, the defender must make a miss chance percentile roll to avoid being struck. When multiple concealment conditions apply to a defender, use the one that would produce the highest miss chance. Do not add the miss chances together.

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