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3023 A.D. Earth[edit]

Earth in 3023 A.D. has changed a lot over the years. It is the ancestral home of humans, the only known world in the solar system that originated with life. In a millennium, it has undergone and survived many events. It was the origin of LAIs, the living artificial intelligence. It was the main battlefield for The Tragedy, for which the people and land suffered many scars.


The way of the land of Earth.





How the citizens of Earth live their lives.


Humans in 3023 A.D. are genetically modified to be more resistant to diseases and be more generally efficient. They are slightly stronger, faster, tougher, perceptive, and have better immune systems than humans from 2023 A.D.

Living Artificial Intelligence (LAI) are sentient machines created from a combination of quantum computers and super computers. They were invented by humans, and now live in rarity and secrecy in the human solar system.


  • Voting Day (January 1st)

A holiday so that the people can vote for the leaders of Earth.

  • Valentine's Day (February 14th)

A tradition that has been kept throughout the generations, meant to reinforce love for others. The celebration have also turned into a community service holiday, along with being a romantic one.

  • Memorial Day (August 7th)

The day the The 500-Year-Long War ended and the LAI lost occupation of Earth.

  • Christmas (December 25th)

An ancient tradition that still follows through today, but in present times has nothing to do with Christianity. Still places emphasis on expressing love through gifts.

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