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These feats need the Sneak Attack class feature.

Aerial Feats
Name Prerequisite(s) Summary
Arcane Sneak Attack Sneak Attack +2d6, Able to cast Arcane Spells Add damage to sneak attack based on spell level sacrificed
Backstab Sneak Attack +1d6 You are adept at sneak attacks.
Cold-Blooded Killer Death Attack, Base attack bonus +7, Sneak Attack 1d6 You are cold-blooded slayer, able to precisely kill others with devastating sneak attacks.
Combat Opportunist Combat Reflexes, Weapon Focus (with Weapon), Sneak Attack +1d6 You have trained extensively in attacking openings in your opponent’s defenses with a particular weapon. Choose one weapon such as short sword. With that weapon, your attacks of opportunity can be devastating.
Death from Afar Death Attack class ability, Sneak attack +6d6 You have learned to use your Death Attack ability at range.
Foul Sneaking Sneak Attack 1d6 You can sneak attack stymied creatures.
Improved Quick Study Death Attack class ability, Sneak Attack +8d6 You have mastered the art of analyzing an opponent’s weakness.
Improvised Sneak Attack Weapon Finnesse,Weapon Focus Dagger (or dagger like object),Dex Of 18 Or Higher) Sometimes People Who Are Not Rouges Learn How To Surprise Enemies To Deal Extra Damage
Kick 'Em While They're Down Combat Reflexes, Sneak Attack 1d6 You can take advantage of a prone opponent's weakness.
Quick Study Death Attack class ability, Sneak Attack +6d6 You can quickly sense your opponent’s weakness.
Sneak Spell Sneak Attack +1d6 or more, spellcasting ability (arcane or divine). You are able to take advantage of gaps in your opponent's defence to deal more damage with spells.
Sneaky Disarm Sneak Attack +2d6, Improved Disarm
Vile Traitor's Blade Evil alignment, Sneak Attack +3d6 Your sneak attacks gain the evil descriptor and weaken good-aligned foes.
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