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Paths of Shadow[edit]

Paths of shadow are unique shadow magic specializations available to shadow priests. A shadow priest may choose from one of three paths, The Crusader's Path, The Nightstalker's Path, or The Stromcaller's Path, to enhance certain aspects of their abilities. Each path affords the shadow priest a series of five features that are taken consecutively. once a path has been selected, it cannot be changed.

The Crusader's Path[edit]

The shadows penetrate and enhance your physical strength

as you use augmented melee power and telekinesis to destroy

all who would dare to oppose you.

Durability Augmentation: Gain a deflection bonus to your AC.
Shadow Augmentation: Gain a bonus to intimidate.
Telekinetic Strangle: Use your telekinesis to squeeze the life from your opponent.
Strength Augmentation: Gain an increase to your strength.
Telekinetic Repulse: Use your telekinesis to force enemies back.

The Nightstalker's Path[edit]

Silence is your mantra, and the moonless night is your only companion.

The shadows are your weapons, and darkness is your ally.

Use these tools to end your targets quickly and silently.

Greater Darkness: Your create darkness ability strengthens and now acts as deeper darkness.
Choking Darkness: Enemies caught in you create darkness ability take damage each round.
Hide in Plain Sight: A bonus to hide and move Silently.
Shadow Strike: Use your Shadow Walk to gain a bonus to your attack roll.
One with Shadow: Temporarily become incorporeal.

The Stromcaller's Path[edit]

Awaken the powers of the Shadowfell that lie dorment within you

as you call upon the shadows to evoke mighty maelstroms of

your black lightning to strike down your enemies.

Conducting Enemies: Enemies in metal armor and water take additional damage from your black lightning blast.
Imbue Weapon: Charge your weapon with your black lightning blast once every 1d4 rounds.
Bolt Shield: Alter your black lightning blast to shield yourself or an ally from harm 2/encounter.
Cyclone of Thunder: Stun your enemy with a whirlwind form your black lightning blast once every 1d4 rounds.
Lightning Storm: Strike multiple targets with your black lightning blast once every 1d4 rounds.

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