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Mounted Feats are feats that increase your ability in mounted combat, and require the feat of the same name, Mounted Combat and/or the Ride Skill.

The SRD Mounted Feat Chain and Ride feats
Mounted Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Dedicated Steed Special mount Multiclassing paladins and other classes which provide special mounts, they can now have their other classes now count to determining the power of the mount.
Graceful Mount Paladin's Special Mount, Mounted Combat You can bestow your special mount with a holy blessing.
Half-Celestial Mount Paladin's Special Mount Your special mount gains the Half-Celestial template.
Hoof Smite Paladin's Special Mount, Smite Evil, Mounted Combat, Ride 1 rank Your special mount can use your Smite Evil ability.
Improved Mounted Combat Mounted Combat, Ride 1 rank You may evade more than one attack to your mount in a round.
Mounted Dodge
Mounted Overrun
Natural Rider Handle Animal 4 ranks, Ride 4 Ranks You have a natural understanding of animals and can coax the best out of them.
Pegasus Mount
Wheeling Attack
Wild Rider
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