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Monk Ki Techniques[edit]

These are the monk's ki techniques.

Ki techniques are movements, both physical and mental, that let a ki user channel its internal force, called ki or chi or qi, to produce various effects. A monk is a master of these techniques and uses ki points to activate them. They are usually swift, free or immediate actions that briefly empower the user or reproduce magical effects. Ki techniques exist in three categories: Base, Advanced and Master.

Ki techniques that cost less than a standard action don't provoke attacks of opportunity. A monk using a ki technique while under a condition that may force a caster to make a Concentration check must make one as well. If the DC is not fixated calculate it as follows: for Base techniques it's 15 + ki points spent, for Advanced techniques it's 20 + ki points spent and for Master techniques it's 25 + ki points spent. If the monk suffers damage while using them adds it to the DC for the Concentration check.

A ki technique has a caster level equal to the monk class level, if relevant. DCs for ki techniques are as follows: for Base techniques it's 10 + Wisdom modifier, for Advanced techniques it's 15 + Wisdom modifier and for Master techniques it's 20 + Wisdom modifier. A monk adds half of its level in non-monk classes to determine caster level, level of techniques known and maximum ki points it may spend per round. Classes that give monk progression are added fully.

List of monk ki technique by school

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