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Magic Gauntlets[edit]

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Name Market Price Weight CL Aura School
Crystal Gauntlets 2,000 gp 3 Faint metacreativity
Gauntlet of Attack <!-Caster level for creation--> Transmutation
Gauntlet of Defense <!-Caster level for creation--> Strong transmutation
Gauntlet's of Blocking 5,000 gp 3IB 5th Strong enchantment
Gauntlets of the Dragon 200,000 gp <!-Caster level for creation-->
Heartripper Gauntlet 8
Lightning Gauntlet 4 lbs. 8th level Dim, strong transmutation, evocation
Magic Melting Gauntlets 25,000 gp 4 7 Strong Trasmutation
Pyromancer's Gauntlets 2400 gp 2 3rd Moderate evocation
Rail Gauntlets 0.5
Sockethand 50,000 gp 10 6 Faint Transmutation
Sundering Gauntlet 22,000 gp 12
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