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Impulses are the spell-like abilities used by the Force Savant.

Trivial Impulses[edit]

Trivial Impulse (Spell Level 1) Summary
Deadweight (3.5e Impulse) Increase the pull of gravity upon your foes... or rocks you've thrown their way.
Gravitic Lens (3.5e Impulse) Create a magnifying lens by bending light through a Force field.
Lightweight (3.5e Impulse) Decrease the pull of gravity on your allies... or rocks that you need to move.

Lesser Impulses[edit]

Lesser Impulse (Spell Level 3) Summary
Force Muzzle (3.5e Impulse) Enhance a weapon, attaching an invisible Force barrel that extends its range.
Ping (3.5e Impulse) The user picks up on the forces around them, giving them a rough map in their head of the landscape and other major landmarks.
Slingshot (3.5e Impulse) Utilize a micro-singularity to slingshot a handful of small projectiles.

Primary Impulses[edit]

Primary Impulse (Spell Level 5) Summary

Greater Impulses[edit]

Greater Impulse (Spell Level 7) Summary

Grand Impulses[edit]

Grand Impulse (Spell Level 9) Summary

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