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These are feats that allow a character to substitute one ability modifier for another for some tasks.

Ability Modifier Swap Feats
Feat Prerequisite Summary
Backbone Con 15 Your hardy body has more than enough to power a throw.
Class Pet This feat must be taken at character creation You learned that your winning personalty and good looks can get you passing grades in magic school. You slowly have learned magic and can cast using your force of personality.
Fat for Muscle Con 19 While the rest of 'em waste their time training their muscles, you've spent your time acquiring power the fun way.
I Know It Int 20+, Able to cast arcane spells level 7 You are so intelligent that you can use your Int modifier instead of you Wis modifier forWill saves.
Insight Archery Int 13+, Base Attack Bonus +1 Use your Int bonus on ranged attack rolls instead of Dex
Intelligent Blademaster Int 13 A magic user that's learned to wield his weapon effectively.
Knowledgable Strike Int 15+, Heal 4 ranks Your intelligence and knowledge of physiology allows you to identify how best to strike an opponent.
Sensual Strike Charisma 15+, Base Attack +3 You blame your good looks for your accurate attacks.
Sexy is the new strong Cha 20 Your musculature seems to shine
Will to Live Cha 13, Great Fortitude Your Cha replaces your Con for determining the bonus to your Fortitude saves.
Will to Move Will save higher than Reflex save Replace Reflex save Modifier with Will save Modifier
Willful Reflexes Wisdom 15 Your experience allows to to easier avoid danger.
Zen Reflexes Wis 15, Wis bonus to AC, Zen Archery CW Use your Wisdom instead of dexterity for reflex save and dexterity-based skill check.
Zen Swordsmanship +4 Attack bonus, Weapon Focus (any sword), Wisdom 13 or higher Your take the art of swordsmanship with a serene and zen mind.
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