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.357 Magnum[edit]

A 357 Magnum
Size Small
Critical 20
Range Increment 50ft
Type Ballistic
Purchase DC 10
Damage 2d12
Rate of Fire S
Magazine 6 rounds
Weight 3lbs
Fire Underwater no

357 Magnum[edit]

The .357 Magnum is a civilian weapon commonly used for self defense and hunting. Despite it being open to the larger portion of the population, it is extremely powerful against infantry, and if lined up correctly, can kill instantly. It is accurate, even at long range.

The chambered rounds have been proven to tear through multiple targets, killing both. If an enemy is within 5 ft of the initial target and within the line that the bullet travels through, there is a 40% chance the bullet will damage both targets.

It takes a full round action to reload all the chambers.

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