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My apologies for not being on the most. I am currently having some medical issues but I hope to return in the near future to continue curation and wiki improvement.

On the Radar: Shield Warrior, Ravager, Half Djini, Ranger Races of War variant, Mystic, Overlord, Enhanced Magic 3.5e Sourcebook

Currently working on:Champion, Feats Revamped 3.5e Sourcebook, Runic Creator, Graatel, Rune Magic

Projects nearing completion: Fabled Hero

Mechanics Complete awaiting review: Adventurer, Battle Brothers, Kensei, Living Constructs

Class completed:

Featured Articles: Warrior Monk, Artificer

General cleanup and fixes in the homebrew section of base classes (have to start somewhere), I work on a lot of things so if you want me to look at something specific let me know. Also if I mark up something you are either working on or are interested in working on and want feedback leave me a note and I will look at it.

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